Working with cars – Advice on careers in motoring

Logbook Loans looks at the best way to work with cars…

Come on be honest. When you watched Lewis Hamilton take his record-breaking sixth British Grand Prix win was there a bit of you – even just a little bit – that wished you could be a racing driver?

We all have dreams, often from our childhood. Sometimes they really do come true – as can be seen from established drivers like Hamilton, and also all the young drivers that have recently joined Formula 1. Yet many of us resign ourselves to the fact that our dreams are unlikely to happen. You think that the nearest you will ever get to being a racing driver is one of those driving experience days. Fun but only for a day.

But it’s sad that many of us give up on our dreams completely. OK, realistically you may not be the next Lewis Hamilton but there are many other careers related to cars that you could pursue if cars are your passion. Take a look at Logbook Loans’ ten of the best ways of working with cars:


  • Driving

Even if you are not Formula 1 standard, there are many different kinds of driving jobs available. Whether you decide to drive a taxi, a truck, train as a chauffeur or become a delivery driver there are many opportunities out there for those who truly love driving.


  • Valet

If you are looking for a driving job with a difference, why not consider becoming a valet? You would work for a hotel, club or restaurant, and would be responsible for parking guests’ cars safely when they arrive then retrieving them when guests are ready to leave. This would give you the opportunity to get behind the wheel of a wide variety of vehicles, even if only for a few minutes.


  • Selling

Another interesting career option for those who love their cars is to sell them. Look for opportunities to work for a car dealership – ideally for a brand that you already love. You would be able to learn much more about the cars then share your knowledge with customers to help them make the right car choice. 

An alternative might be to look for a job in a car parts store, and become a specialist at helping people get the parts they need for their cars. Some jobs could also include fitting the parts, so you would continually be learning new skills.


  • Mechanic

Leading on from the above, another good career choice is to become a car mechanic. Whether this is at a service centre chain, local garage or car dealer, there are lots of opportunities available. You could build up your skills and work your way up either to become a head mechanic or vehicle inspector or branch manager.


  • Engineers

Cars are evolving all the time and the market is increasingly demanding. Many factors need to be considered in car design, for example safety, style, fuel efficiency and environmental impact. So the motor industry needs engineers to improve existing models, design new models and build working prototypes. It could be you that designs the next big thing! 


  • Manufacturing

A new car is only as good as those who build it, and there are a variety of job opportunities in car manufacturing and assembly. If you’re lucky you might even spot opportunities within environments Formula 1 – bringing you closer to your dream yet again.


  • Car rental

Working for a car rental company is a great way to become familiar with all kinds of cars. If you take on a customer-facing role then you will be providing a valuable service to customers who want to rent cars; and if you have a keen interest in cars and knowledge of different makes and models that would be an enormous help.


  • Marketing

If you love to tell everyone about cars then why not join the marketing team of a car company? You would be able to get involved in different types of marketing campaigns such as adverts, videos, posters, emails and social media. It could be the ideal job for you!


  • Journalist

Another communications role related to cars is to work towards being a car journalist. Perhaps you could look for opportunities as a blogger or vlogger, write articles for newspapers or magazines, or look for positions as a commentator or reviewer on news sites, YouTube channels, radio or TV channels. Top Gear, eat your heart out!


  • Teaching

If you love cars then teach others to love them too! How about becoming a driving instructor so you can impart your experience or wisdom to the next generation of drivers? 

Or if you have the knowledge and experience then maybe teach evening classes in your favourite topic – be it basic car maintenance, restoring classic cars or the history of your favourite type of car. Your passion could inspire others to love cars just as much as you do.


So if your childhood dream was to be a racing driver but it hasn’t happened then why not look into a new career working with cars? If you need any financial help to get started – for example for retraining – get in touch with us at Logbook Loans to see how we can help make your dream come true!