What the colour of your car says about you!

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In our recent article Arty Cars, we looked at some different ways in which art has been used to change and personalise the appearance of various different cars.

But even if you don’t want to add distinctive artwork to your car, did you know that the colour of your car says a lot about you?!

In the above article we discovered that the top three most popular car colours sold during 2019 were grey/silver, white and black. So what does this say about the people that bought these colour cars?


  • Grey/silver cars

According to psychologists, grey/silver cars tend to be chosen by reliable, safety conscious drivers. Grey is a conventional yet stylish colour, and represents calmness and confidence on the road. Grey doesn’t stand out or draw attention to itself, it is highly practical and perhaps something of an indication that the owner sees their car as more of a tool to do a job rather than an item to brag about.


  • White cars

White is a neutral and safe option. It is associated with both simplicity and futuristic technology. It may also indicate perfectionism: if you drive a white car you are likely to be very organised and perhaps a little obsessed with cleanliness. You may well be an outgoing personality who values your status and is energised from interactions with others.


  • Black cars

Black can be a bit of a contradiction. It can be seen as intimidating and power-hungry by other drivers, yet also represents a form of security blanket that people can hide behind. Black is also a very stylish colour for a car and presents a respectable, sophisticated and professional image. 


So those are possible meanings of the three most popular coloured cars. But let’s take a look at a couple more, just for comparison:


  • Red cars

Red is usually seen as representative of strength, confidence and power. It conveys energy and excitement. But interestingly, red cars are among the safest on the road so seem to be chosen by sensible and practical people.


  • Blue cars

Blue is a calming colour, which implies that drivers choosing blue cars are likely to be sensible and cautious. Drivers of blue cars are probably not looking for attention, and may be fairly conventional and traditional. They may not be particularly interested in material possessions, but more concerned with family, friends and the simple pleasures of life.


  • Yellow cars

Yellow shouts optimism, and drivers of yellow cars are likely to be happy and friendly. They will probably be open minded and individualistic, seeking out new experiences and willing to take risks. Not someone who will fit willingly into the crowd.


So if you are planning to buy a new car in 2020 then be mindful of the colour that you choose! It could give away more about you than you realise!

If you are buying a used car then there will not be as much freedom to choose the colour. But as we close, just be aware of three things you do need to look out for:

  • Yellow cars tend to have the fewest accidents, probably because they are the most easy to spot. This is likely to apply to other bright colours too.
  • But black cars are up to 47% more likely to be involved in a crash. Whether this is the visibility of them, or something about the way people drive black cars is uncertain. But be warned!
  • Silver cars are the most likely to be stolen, probably because there are more of them on the road so a stolen car may be less noticeable.

Enjoy driving your car in 2020, whatever its colour, and make sure you stay safe. We’ll be back soon with more motoring tips from Logbook Loans.