VW’s major investment in electric cars

Following our recent article about Dyson entering the electric car market we were interested to read that VW plans to produce 1,500 electric cars per day at its Zwickau factory in Saxony, Germany.

VW already produces some electric cars. It has an electric version of its ever-popular Golf model. Known as the e-Golf, VW claims that “it looks like a Golf, drives like a Golf but doesn’t sound like a Golf”. VW has also recently introduced the new e-up. This fun compact model is geared towards city driving and has a range of up to 99 miles on a single charge. In addition to the e-Golf and e-up, VW also has a hybrid range.

VW plans for Zwickau to be a major hub for the production of its next-generation electric cars. The scale of planned production is ambitious and equals Tesla’s planned volume production of the Model 3 at the Fremont factory in California.

It is estimated that the Zwickau factory currently has a daily production rate of 1,350 cars. VW plan to increase this to 1500 in 2019 and ramp up further by 2020.

So what are these next-generation electric cars? It is expected that they will be based on VW’s “I.D.” concept,  powered by the its new MEB platform. MEB – modular electric drive matrix – architecture will result in new and unique production methods that will pave the way for a broader application of advanced technology.

The next-generation range is expected to include:

  • I.D. –  a Golf-size vehicle expected to be VW’s first mass-market EV in 2019
  • CROZZ  – the crossover all-electric I.D. CROZZ Concept
  • BUZZ – electric microbus coming in 2022.

Exciting times in car manufacturing and we wonder who will be next to declare their hand!

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