Top Tips for Bank Holiday Driving this May…

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So we are now in May and have not just one but TWO Bank Holidays to look forward to!

But if your plans for the day include driving then it’s a good idea to be prepared. Firstly you need to think about where the traffic hold ups are likely to be so that you can avoid them. You also need to make sure that your car is in the best possible shape to cope with Bank Holiday traffic and to be prepared for any kind of emergency situation.

So let’s take a quick look at both of the above, to make sure that your Bank Holiday trip goes as well as it possibly can.


Top three ways to avoid Bank Holiday traffic:

  • Identify traffic hotspots

First and foremost, just think where the traffic is likely to be. It’s very easy. Make a mental list of everything that people are likely to do on Bank Holiday Monday and you can bet that there will be traffic there. So where there are beaches, major tourist destinations, airports, large shopping malls, DIY stores, sports stadiums and other entertainment centres there will be traffic. Avoid these areas if at all possible.


  • Look at alternative routes

Plan alternative routes to where you are going. Most drivers tend to use motorways either by default or because the SatNav tells you to. But planning an alternative route using A roads can sometimes end up being quicker: you may not be able to drive as fast when the roads are clear, but you will avoid hold ups and traffic jams.


  • Leave early

The golden rule! When you think that on a Bank Holiday most people will have a lie-in, then a bit of breakfast, then start getting organised etc; realistically it is likely to be mid-morning before most traffic hits the road. So plan for an early start. Pack the car the night before and set the alarms for some unearthly hour. Then aim to be having a relaxed breakfast at your destination just as the majority of other people are setting off: you will be glad you did!


Top three ways to prepare your car for Bank Holiday driving:

  • Maintenance checks

We all know that we should maintain our cars regularly. Tyre pressures, screenwash, oil and coolant levels etc. But many of us fail to do this. However if you are setting off on a long journey – particularly if it is likely to be hot and there may be traffic jams – it is really important to do this. So check out our article How to Keep Your Car in Blooming Good Condition for a list of essential checks to make on your car before you go.


  • Spring clean your car

It may not seem really necessary to clean your car before a journey but in fact it is important for safety, not just to make your car look great. Cleaning your car can help to identify any small areas of damage – for example nicks in tyres, cracks in lights, chips in windscreens – all of which could develop into major problems if left unattended. But it is also much nicer to travel in a car that is clean both inside and out. Who wants to be surrounded by old rubbish, crumbs and mess? If you’re not sure where to start then take a look at our articles on how to clean the outside and inside of your car.


  • Prepare for emergencies

Last but by no means least, make sure you are prepared for any emergency. Nobody wants anything to go wrong – and hopefully it won’t. But it’s a good idea to be prepared just in case. So ensure that you have everything in the car that you might need for an emergency situation – see our checklist Car Essentials in case of an emergency. Also check that you are registered with a breakdown service and that you have all the essential phone numbers and documentation with you. Just in case.


We hope that you have two great Bank Holidays! If you need quick cash to help you enjoy your special times then check out how Logbook Loans may be able to help.