Our Top Ten Tips for Getting Quick Cash!

How to get your hands on some quick cash in 2017…

So, how is 2017 going so far? For most of us New Year is but a distant memory and the “Brand New Me” resolutions are long forgotten. Which is fair enough for those that were never going to happen in reality! But many of us would have started this year with a determination to sort out our finances once and for all – and this is one resolution we don’t want to lose sight of.

This can be a depressing time of year when it’s still dark and cold and it feels like there’s nothing to look forward to. So why not put a bit of effort now into raising a bit of quick cash? Not only will that help to get your finances under control, it will also set you up all ready to enjoy the spring and summer that we know is coming.

Here are our Top Ten Tips to make some quick cash in time for spring!

    • 1. Extra work: There may be some temporary work that you could either do for a few evenings or weekends to fit in around your day job. Look particularly in the hospitality industry: some opportunities are more seasonal than others, but there may well be extra work around if you look for it. You can also explore opportunities to do additional work from home through a range of Internet sites such as Upwork and Amazon Mechanical Turk.


    • 2. Offer a paid local service: Do you have the ability to undertake small jobs locally to bring in some extra cash? Such as cleaning, garden clearing, DIY or odd jobs etc? Everyone has something to offer and there will be people out there who do need whatever your area of expertise is.


    • 3. Sell online: If you are serious about making extra money and getting out of debt then you may want to consider parting with some high value items such as electrical equipment or cameras or jewellery. There are many online specialist sites that trade in such items. For more general online selling look at sites like eBay/Shpock/Gumtree – or sites that major on books/CDs/DVDs such as WeBuyBooks, Music Magpie and Ziffit.


    • 4. Car booty! Don’t forget local selling opportunities – the prime one being the good old car boot sale! Whilst many of us just use these occasionally to part with household bits and pieces, you can build it up into a more regular activity and perhaps look out to buy items to resell. Or there are other local opportunities such as local Facebook selling sites or adverts in local newspapers or shop windows.


    • 5. Pawn something: Yes pawnbroker do still exist! The idea is that if you don’t want to part with goods permanently you can take the to a pawnbrokers who will give you cash for items such as jewellery, computers, video gaming systems, audio visual equipment, cameras and musical instruments. If you are able to pay back the cash plus agreed interest within a certain timescale you will receive your item back, otherwise they will sell it.


    • 6. Return something: How often do we end up buying things that turn out not to be suitable in some way then never get round to taking them back! Have a look around to see if there is anything you’ve bought and not used that you could return to the shop for a refund. If it is too late to return it then at least you can sell it on a site such as eBay!


    • 7. Exchange money: Many of us don’t bother changing holiday money back into £sterling when we return from holiday. So if you or anyone in your home has been away over the past couple of years, see if that money is still lying around anywhere and you can use it now!


    • 8. Expect to find money: You’d be amazed at the amount of cash that can be found in a typical home. Get everyone to have a good look through drawers, pockets, old handbags or down the side of the sofa! Or is there a bowl or bag of coins somewhere that you always intended to take to the supermarket machine to exchange for larger denominations of cash. Not a major money spinner maybe, but “every little helps” as they say!


    • 9. Voucher power: Many of us have unused gift vouchers or coupons lying around that may still be valid. Whilst not bringing in extra cash they can save you money by enabling you to get essential items either free or more cheaply.


    • 10. Competitions: Well someone’s got to win! Why not look for local competitions and niche competitions (eg from specialist websites and magazines) that may have fewer entries but with prizes worth trying for!

If in parallel with the above you realise that you do need a loan – perhaps to consolidate your existing debts into one affordable payment – then why not consider a logbook loan? A logbook loan is secured against your vehicle ie car,bike, van – or even classic car – and the lender holds your logbook retain your logbook (vehicle registration document – V5) as security throughout the loan.

You keep your vehicle and get to drive it as normal during the loan then once the loan is repaid you get your logbook back again.

Whilst you do not want to take on more debt, a logbook loan can be a good way of getting quick cash to rationalise your finances and give you a bit of breathing space before the extra income starts to flow in. There are no set up fees and once you get back on your feet again you can pay off the loan as early as you like.

Good luck with your money making ventures! If you do need a loan to tide you over the beginning of your money making campaign then why not get in touch with us at Logbook Loans? You can enquire online, call us on 0330 400 0403, or visit your nearest Logbook Loans branch. Have you ever thought about what’s the value of your car? It might be more than you think!