Top Ten Tips:
For Festival Packing!!

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Festival season will soon be upon us! You may already have tickets to the festival of your dreams, but if you have not been before you may be wondering what to take with you. There is definitely an art to packing for festivals, and you want to make sure that you have all the things you need but none of the things you don’t!

So why not follow our Top Ten Tips so that you can head off with confidence when the time comes:


  • A bigger tent than you think you need

The one thing you do not want to scrimp on is the size of your tent. Don’t be tempted to make do with a smaller tent because it may be a little easier to carry. Aim for a tent that will accommodate at least one person more than you need to actually fit in it. That way there will be room for all of your stuff without everything being completely disorganised.


  • A mallet and gaffer tape

Two practical things you will value most of all! A mallet will save time and frustration when it comes to putting your tent pegs into the ground. Camping stores sell rubber or plastic mallets very cheaply and you will be so glad you got one! Also pack a roll of strong gaffer tape in case of rips or tears to your tent: and probably 101 other uses too!


  • A torch

Even though you have a torch on your phone a separate torch is invaluable. It gives you light without using precious phone battery and is also so much more practical. Whether for wandering to the loo in the night, changing clothes in the dark, or trying to find things in hidden corners of your tent or rucksack; a good torch is a must!  


  • Minimal toiletries

When packing for a festival you need to remember that you will have to carry or drag all your luggage several times. So anything you can do to cut down volume and weight is a good idea. This means not taking the entire contents of your bathroom! Realistically, you are unlikely to be able to shower – unless you are prepared to queue for a very long time. So you may want to take the brave decision in advance to survive on wet wipes, dry shampoo and deodorant rather than trying to pack various shower gels, shampoos, conditioners and so on. Buy mini travel sizes of any toiletries you do decide to take, but keep things to a minimum. Also remember to pack a few basic first aid essentials in case needed.


  • Dry clothes

Assuming that at least one of your party will have access to a car – even if it’s a bit of a trek – means it’s a great idea to leave some emergency supplies in it. Particularly if it’s rainy weather, keep a separate bag of dry clothes in the car so that you have something to fall back on if everything else gets soaked.


  • Sleeping bag and pillowcase

Another thing not to scrimp on is a good quality sleeping bag. Take one that matches the weather forecast: a two-seasons bag is great for warmer weather but you may need a four-seasons one for those chillier nights. Also don’t bother taking a pillow. They take up so much room and a pillowcase stuffed with soft clothes will serve just as well.


  • Picnic blanket and camping chair

Chairs and blankets can sound a bit old-fashioned but you will not regret taking them! Having somewhere comfortable to sit will help you to enjoy the festival much more: and at some smaller festivals you can take your chairs into the stage areas too. But picture yourself sitting in your comfy chair by the campfire at night, wrapped in a blanket and you get the picture!


  • Cooking stove and a lighter

First time festival goers often do not take any kind of food or cooking equipment, thinking that they can buy everything on site. Whilst this is true, a few basic provisions – even just to make tea, coffee and breakfast – make all the difference. Buying food each day begins to get very expensive, and waiting in queues eats up a lot of festival time. You will not regret being able to provide some basics yourself to supplement everything else that the festival offers.


  • Crockery and cutlery

This may sound like a luxury but a proper mug, plate and set of cutlery for everyone in your party will enable you to enjoy a touch of normality during the festival. Whether you are cooking food yourself or buying from food stands, it will taste much better eaten from a plate with cutlery rather than from packaging with your grubby fingers!


  • Basic phone and phone charger

You should not need a state of the art phone at the festival. There is plenty going on without you needing to be continually in touch with the outside world! To avoid loss or damage of your “proper” phone, why not take an old one or buy a very basic pay as you go phone. Also invest in a USB battery charger to save you having to queue for hours to recharge.

We hope you have a wonderful time at the festival and that the above list helps you to pack smartly. If you are in need of quick cash for your festival then get in touch with us at Logbook Loans either online, by calling us on 0330 400 4137.