The Top Ten Most Reliable Second Hand Cars

We recently published an article about the Top Ten Used Car problems.  We hope that this was helpful information if you are currently considering buying a used car, and gave you some pointers as to what to look out for.

We’re now please to bring you some slightly happier news:  the ten most reliable second hand cars.  The information is based on data collected by Auto Express in their Driver Power Survey 2017.  The data is from owners of cars between three and six years old and the percentage score reflects a combination of each car’s scores for reliability and build quality.  Owners were also asked whether or not they’d had any problems with their car, and if so what were the nature of the problems.

Here are the ten cars that emerged as the most reliable models to buy second hand:

  • Lexus CT Mk1 – 94%

Owners of this car love its smooth drive, excellent steering and brakes.  Only 10% of owners flagged faults – and as these were only minor issues, the assumption is that major problems are few and far between.


  • Jaguar XF Mk1 – 93.76%

Another very popular and reliable car.  31.7 % of owners reported issues with electrics but these were seen as minor irritations rather than major mechanical faults.  Cost of servicing is thought to be high, but this pays dividends in terms of trouble-free motoring.


  • Skoda Yeti Mk1 – 93.55%

This actually came out as the best used car to own across the board – but its reliability score let it down slightly, with 19.4% of owners reporting faults, including many engine faults.  This may be due to it being a first generation model not introduced till 2009.  In spite of this,  Yeti owners still seem to trust it fully.


  • Lexus IS Mk3 – 93.40%

Leading on from the above, this came out as the second best used car to own with an excellent reliability rating.  It would have scored higher but 9.4% of IS drivers reported issues, primarily relating to the electronics.  But they praised its top class engine and gearbox, and also appreciated the option of hybrid power.


  • Honda CR-V Mk4 – 93.36%

The Honda CR-V remains a popular and reliable choice.  14 % of owners have encountered issues, with engine and interior problems being the most frequent.


  • Skoda Superb Mk2 – 93.00%

Owners rate the Skoda Superb as being a dependable machine that is capable of high mileages without error, though 24% reported issues with the electrics.


  • Lexus RX Mk3 – 92.86%

This Lexus achieved the lowest number of faults reported by owners: only 5% with the suspension being the most common.  Owners praised the smoothness of the drive and the quality of the interior build, both of which ensure strong brand loyalty.


  • Mercedes E-Class/AMG E-Class Mk4 – 92.56%

The build quality of this car receives plenty of praise from its owners, and maintains its quality even after significant mileages. Around 15% of owners reported faults with the car, most commonly related to the engine.


  • Toyota RAV4 Mk4 – 92.10%

This is seen as a reliable car that is dependable in all weathers.  There are some concerns about fuel economy, and 14.5% of owners reported issues – mostly with engine and gearbox – but iit remains a popular choice.


  • Toyota Prius Mk3 – 92.48%

This car is a trailblazing electric car, which makes it very quiet.  It is also spacious, efficient and has an excellent reliability record; only 8% of owners reported a problem with their cars, usually electrical in nature.   This is the third generation of the car and both the styling and battery capacity are much improved on earlier models.


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