Our Top Ten Horror Movies Relating to Cars

Top cars from horror movies from Logbook Loans…

Halloween is almost upon us, and the shops are full of the predictable array of orange and black decorations, costumes and sweets.

But at Logbook Loans our passion is for cars and we’ve been debating what is the scariest horror movie about cars? 

We’ve come up with our Top Ten list. See if you agree?!


1. Christine (1983)

This seems to be the one that most people think of first. Based on Stephen King’s novel of the same name, Christine has become a cult classic. Christine is a malicious red car (a Plymouth Fury) that is bought by a nerdy teenager Arnie. As Arnie begins to restore the car, weird things begin to happen and Arnie’s nature changes – to the extent where he and Christine go on a murderous rampage through the town.


2. The Car (1977)

The Car also continues the theme of a small desert town. In this film, the town of Santa Thea is being terrorised by a murderous supernatural car (a black Lincoln Continental). The town’s local sheriff has to try and stop the carnage. 


3. Duel (1971)

This iconic Steven Spielberg film features a rust-coloured Peterbilt truck that relentlessly pursues a Californian businessman – driving a Plymouth Valiant – across the desert. The film revolves around the long tense chase over the dusty desert highways. Nail-biting stuff!


4. Joy Ride (2001)

Another film featuring a Peterbilt truck starts off with two brothers on a road trip. A trick played on a trucker backfires when the trucker decides to take revenge in a big way. All the brothers know about the driver of the black and silver truck is his CB handle – Rusty Nail – but they soon come to regret their actions …… 


Image courtesy of https://www.dowhonda.com

5. Jeepers Creepers (2001)

This cult film features a Chevrolet with a terrifying horn that is driven by a winged cannibalistic character known as The Creeper. The story starts with two siblings passing through a small, isolated town as they head home after spring break. After encountering a major road rage incident then stumbling across mutilated human remains they become prey for The Creeper. 


6. The Hearse (1980)

The hearse in this film is a Packard Funeral Coach Henney which haunts the central character, Jane. Recently divorced, she decides to take a break at her late aunt’s house in a small town called Blackford. Little does she know that her aunt lived a life of witchcraft, and she soon becomes terrorised by the haunted hearse and its evil driver.


7. Death Proof (2007

This Quentin Tarantino film stars Kurt Russell behind the wheel of a death-proof stunt car. The car is used to create staged accidents in which young women are murdered. The film uses a 1970 Chevy Nova and the 1969 Dodge Charger. The 1970 Chevy Nova in particular is terrifying, with matte black paint and white skulls and thunderbolts on the hood. All a perfect setting for the psycho-killer behind the wheel.


8. Maximum Overdrive (1986)

This film was directed by Stephen King and based on his short story called “Trucks”. The film revolves around cars, trucks and other machinery coming to life as Earth passes through the tail of a rogue comet, Rhea-M. The machinery – led by a Happy Toyz Truck with a grinning Green Goblin face – aims to kill as many people as possible and in the process takes over a Dixie Boy Diner and Gas Station in Wilmington, North Carolina. 


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9. The Wraith (1986)

The Wraith features a black Dodge Turbo Interceptor that is supernaturally fast. It is driven by a mysterious teenage driver: the ghost of a street racer killed by another driver in a race. The car wreaks revenge on the Arizona highways and one by one kills the whole gang of racers responsible for the accident in which the driver died.


10. Nightmares (1983)

Nightmares is an anthology of four horror stories with a supernatural twist. The third of the four stories is called  “The Benediction” and is about a fallen priest, Father Frank. After leaving his desert mission, Frank is subject to a horrific confrontation on the road with a murderous pick-up truck apparently driven by the Devil himself.


We hope that you manage to enjoy one or more of these films over the Halloween period, and that they don’t destroy your love of cars! 

Happy Halloween from all of us at Logbook Loans.