Logbook Loans: Top Ten Tips for Happy Campers

Logbook Loans money saving tips for the best holiday on a budget.

So you’ve decided to make the most of this glorious summer weather and grab a few days away on a camping trip? It can certainly be a brilliant and money saving way to have a fun holiday, so why not!

If you are a veteran camper then you will already know what you are doing and will be able to hit the ground running. But if you are new to camping then you may need a bit of help to get the most out of your experience.

So here are our Top Ten Tips for Happy Campers:


  • Choose your site wiselyIf you are going to a campsite rather than a planned event then do your research in advance. There are many good deals to be had, particularly of you are booking at short notice when sites will be keen to fill their available space. Google sites in the area you are keen to visit or try websites such as UK Campsite,  Campsites.co.uk and Pitch Up.
  • Get there early
    When you get to the site it is always a good idea to get there as early as possible, so check admission times before you go. Getting there early enables you to find a good pitch. Look for slightly higher ground if you can as this avoids the risk of getting soggy but you will also want something within easy reach of the facilities. Getting there early also gives you time to pitch the tent in daylight and organise yourself so that you can get out there and have fun.
  • Get the right sized tent
    Most people find that they need a bigger tent than they think. It’s best to buy a tent at least two sizes up for a comfortable camping experience. So if there are two of you, look for a four person tent to be really confident of having enough space to be comfortable. Don’t scrimp on this: remember that this tent will be your home for a few days. To grab a bargain it is definitely worth looking on second hand sites such as eBay as you may well be able to find a hardly used tent at a brilliant price.
  • Pack wisely
    When packing for a camping holiday you need to get the right balance between on the one hand making sure you have everything you need and on the other not taking too much. One area that you can cut down on is toiletries. Buy mini sizes of shower gels, shampoos, conditioners etc – and also plentiful supplies of wet wipes, dry shampoo and deodorant in case the shower facilities turn out to be inadequate in some way. Also remember to pack a few basic first aid essentials in case needed.
  • Putting your tent up
    If you are not an experienced camper then you might want to get a tent that is easy to erect: there are many different types of pop up tent available. It is worth having a practice run at home first just to be confident about what you are doing. But still make sure that you take the instructions with you as there is often a step in the process that no-one can remember. Also take a mallet with you to make the tent pegs easier to manage: you can buy rubber ones which are light to carry but still do the job.
  • Summer nights
    Even in warm summer weather, the nights can be cold and you can all end up not sleeping very well. So make sure you take a good quality sleeping bag, and either an inflatable air bed or mattress or a roll mat to insulate you from the cold ground. Many experienced campers do not bother taking a pillow but stuff an empty pillow case with a fleece or jumper instead. This does the job and also provides a place to store those items. But make sure you also wear plenty of layers – and keep your socks on! .
  • Keep your tent clean and tidy
    Yes you are on holiday but everything will be much nicer if it is clean and tidy. You have limited space so try and keep everything where it should be so that it is easy to find (and have a torch in an agreed place at all times!). If anything gets wet then make sure you dry things out as soon as possible otherwise the atmosphere can become really unpleasant. It is a good idea to keep a separate bag of dry clothes in the car in case of rain, then at least you have something to wear if everything else gets soaked. Similarly when you get back from the camping holiday make sure that you clean your tent and dry it thoroughly before storing it away so that it does not go mouldy.
  • Camping for foodies
    Despite what some people fear, it is possible to have a camping holiday and eat well. There are bound to be lots of places to eat out but that can get very expensive so it’s a good idea to plan some home made food as well. If you are taking food with you then the best thing to do is keep it either in the car or in well-sealed boxes, to avoid insects. But you should be able to buy fresh food locally on a day by day basis, and take turns to prepare something simple and nutritious.
  • Cooking outdoors
    If you are planning to make your own food then you will need to take some kind of cooking stove and/or barbecue. Make sure that you use these outside and not in the tent. Remember to take camping chairs so that you can eat in comfort. You will also very much appreciate the luxury of proper mugs, plates and cutlery as these simple extra touches make al fresco eating so much more enjoyable.
  • Campfire
    Last but not least is to enjoy a campfire – though do check with the site if this is allowed and where the best place would be. Some sites even have fire pits. A campfire can be the highlight of a wonderful evening. It is easy to assemble a good campfire for next to nothing either by collecting firewood or purchasing kindling. There is something magical about sitting around a campfire, wrapped in blankets, sharing stories and putting the world to rights. You can toasting marshmallows, crumpets or sausages – and perhaps someone will even strum a guitar for a good old-fashioned sing-along.


Enjoy planning and preparing for your camping holiday!  We hope that these tips will help you to avoid running into any pitfalls. Check back here soon for more money saving tips from Logbook Loans.