Logbook Loans:
Take Wheely Good Care of Your Car!

Summer is here and it’s the ideal opportunity to get out and about in the car. If you have children, you are likely to be chauffeuring here, there and everywhere this summer! But how can you ensure that your car is up to the job?

One of the areas that often get neglected are wheels and tyres. We might give them a bit of a rinse when we wash the car; we might even remember to check our tyre pressures occasionally. But for most of us that’s as good as it gets. The only other time we pay any attention to our wheels and tyres are if something goes wrong and we need to replace it.

Not only is keeping wheels and tyres in good condition important for our safety, but it is also a legal requirement. Car owners are legally obliged to maintain tyres at the correct pressure, ensure that they have a tread depth of at least 1.6mm, and are not in any way damaged.

With this in mind, here are Seven Steps from Logbook Loans to keep your wheels and tyres in great condition this summer:

  1. Check your tyre pressures regularly, either once a month or every 3000 miles, whichever happens first. Make sure they are inflated to the correct pressures in your owner’s manual: these may also be displayed on the inside of the drivers door.
  2. Clean wheels and tyres thoroughly on a regular basis. Rinse off grime and loose dirt, then use a gentle shampoo and cloth or mitt to remove remaining dust and dirt. Rinse again and dry thoroughly. You may also want to use a wheel sealant to protect wheels from corrosion.
  3. Visually check wheels and tyres regularly for surface damage and tread wear.
  4. Rotate tyres every 6000-8000 miles as this will help to equalise tread wear.
  5. Ensure that you get your wheel alignment checked at the intervals recommended in your owner’s manual, or before then if you feel the wheel “pull.”
  6. If a tyre is worn or damaged and needs replacing, ensure that you invest in good quality tyres. It can be tempting to purchase part worn tyres to save money, but there is a risk that these may show signs of tyre ageing and not be safe to use. For example, look for cracks on the side wall of the tyre, uneven tyre tread or distorted tyre carcass.
  7. Last but not least, before setting off anywhere this summer do check that your car contains everything you need to deal with a flat tyre. Hopefully it won’t happen but it’s better to be prepared before the event rather than panic if it does happen. So be sure you know whether your car has a spare tyre or uses repair foam. Does your car have a jack; if so do you know where the jack point is and where the wheel nuts are?

We hope that the above steps from Logbook Loans help you to keep your wheels and tyres in top condition, and that you will enjoy hours of trouble-free motoring this summer.