Logbook Loans:
Top Summer Driving Tips

Summer is on its way. You are probably making all kinds of plans, particularly if you have children and the long school holidays to sort out. Whether or not you manage to have a holiday this year, there will probably be day trips out here there and everywhere, and visits to family and friends.

So summer, just as much as winter, is a time when we need to take care of our cars so that they serve us well during the season. We also need to think about the particular driving hazards that summer may bring. Follow our tips below for hassle-free driving this summer:

  • Be aware of the glare
  • We do hope that there will be plenty of sun this summer, but this can make driving conditions difficult. Make sure that you always have good quality sunglasses available to reduce glare and enable you to see well enough to drive safely. Also make full use of your car’s sun visor. They are usually adjustable so that you can shield yourself from sun whether this is ahead or to the side of you.

  • Protect against pollen
  • Summer pollen can be a nightmare for hay fever sufferers but can also affect driving safety. If you react to pollen make sure you have any necessary medication available on a journey, and also be prepared to stop for a while if you begin to suffer from watery eyes, as this could prevent you seeing properly to drive. Pollen can also accumulate on the outside of your car so make sure you clear it from the windscreen before you set out. It can be sticky so your screen may need a proper wash rather than just a quick wipe down.

  • Check the essentials
  • We tend to associate car maintenance and servicing with the winter months but it is just as important in summer. Driving in hot conditions and queuing in traffic can both drain your battery, so if you plan to drive a lot over summer then get your battery checked or even replaced. Keep engine fluids such as oil and coolant well topped up to ensure both performance and safety of the car. Also it is particularly important to check tyres during the summer as heat will put them under increased strain. So check tyre pressures regularly and inspect for damage: if in doubt, get them checked by a professional so that you do not risk a blowout.

  • Be careful what you leave in the car
  • We all know never to leave children or pets in hot cars. Temperatures can rise incredibly quickly in your car, even if the windows are open. But also be careful about leaving anything else in the car. Many items can get damaged in the heat, for example electronic gadgets, perfume and toiletries, and food and drink. Also bear in mind that items in your car can be more easily seen in bright sunshine, which may attract interest from car thieves.

  • Watch out for children
  • Last but not least, be extra vigilant during the summer as there are more people out and about, including young people and children. Bear in mind that large groups on a pavement can be unpredictable and can easily spill into the road, so always be on your guard. Safe driving in busy holiday times can reduce the number of accidents that happen. Prevention is always better than cure!

Do enjoy summer this year and all of us at Logbook Loans hope that the above tips will help you to stay safe and keep others safe too.