So the 20 reg cars are here! Seen one?

2020 car advice from Logbook Loans…

Have you seen one yet? A 2020 registration plate?

As you may know, the “20” registrations were launched on 1st March. In the UK, a standard car registration is made up of three parts. The first two letters show where the car is registered, the following number indicates the year of registration, and the last three letters are random and enable the car to be uniquely identified.

For all new cars issued between 1st March and 31st August, the number between the two sets of letters will be 20. After 31st August it will change to 70, because in the UK registration numbering system the second half of the year is always indicated by the year plus 50.

But it’s only a number, right? Surely it doesn’t really matter what the registration number of your car is anyway?

Well many would disagree. For starters, there are all the people with personalised number plates. In a recent Logbook Loans article we looked at personalised number plates and how to buy one. And the arrival of the 20 registrations opens up a whole new world of opportunities for those who would love to have a personalised number plate.

Be aware that you will not be able to use a personalised 20 registration on your car unless the car is produced March 1st 2020, as the DVLA does not allow you to make a car look newer than it actually is. 

But if your car is eligible for a 20 reg, then there are lots of fun possibilities for personalised registrations. The 2 could look like the letters R or Z, the 0 could be an O or could be ignored. Just a few examples of what you could create using this are:

  • Bazooka BA20 OKA
  • Doreen DO20 EEN
  • Gerald GE20 ALD
  • I’m ROTFL IM20 TFL
  • Kazoos KA20 OOZ
  • My Rolls MY20 LLS
  • My zombie MY20 MBY
  • Razored RA20 RED
  • Re-zoned REZ0 NED
  • Teresa TE20 ESA
  • Tyrone TY20 ONE
  • Yvonne YV20 ONE

You can search for your choice of personalised 20 registrations on the DVLA website here.

Purchasing a 20 reg plate could not only be fun to have now, but also a good investment for the future as there is a growing interest in buying unusual reg plates. Data from the DVLA shows that the market for personalised registration plates has more than doubled over the last 5 years and shows no signs of slowing down.

But even if you don’t want to buy a personalised number plate, just having 20 in the registration will look cool! There will most probably be some clever combination you can make with 20 in the number plate, and it is quite special having a reference to 2020 on your car, and with it a daily reminder of this brand new decade and all the possibilities it brings.

So if you have been planning to get a new car sometime soon then why not try to do it between March and August 2020 and enjoy all the perks of having a 20 registration? 

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