Six Secret Ways to Make Money From Your Car!

How to make quick cash from your car!

Summer is on its way and many of us are looking for ways to make some quick cash to enjoy it. But in today’s busy world it can be difficult to know how to start going about that.

Well the answer may be right in front of you. Your car! If you have a car or can offer help to others who do, you could be quids in.

Read on for six secret ways to make money from cars.


  • Rent out your driveway

If you live near a station or town centre then why not rent out your driveway for others to park? It’s very easy to do. Especially if you are not using it during weekdays because you’re out at work somewhere else, why have it sitting there empty when it could be making you money? Or if you live near a sports ground or entertainment venue then weekend rental can also bring in some welcome extra income.

This idea is not just limited to cars. If you have a large driveway or outside space then there may be someone with a caravan or boat or motorbike that would just love to use it for their vehicle.

Websites such as Park On My Drive or Just Park can advertise your details and match them with people who are looking for parking opportunities just like yours.


  • Hire out your car

If you either have a second car, or just tend not to drive very often, there are websites such as Hiyacar and Turo where you can advertise your car for hire to others. Many people do not want to own a car but still need to be able to use one from time to time, and the peer to peer rental market is growing accordingly. Your car will need to be good quality and under 10 years old. Check the insurance situation too: some car rental websites offer insurance protection but you need to be sure.


  • Hire out your caravan

On the theme of hiring out, if your caravan or motorhome is sitting empty on the driveway most of the time, then hiring it out could enable others to enjoy it and bring in some welcome extra income for you. Websites such as Fat Llama, Camptoo and Camplify can help you to find people ready to rent.

Also be aware that with the increasing trend for home and flexible working, there may even be people who might be interested in renting a caravan or motorhome either regularly or occasionally for some quiet working space!


  • Driving or delivery service

If you enjoy driving and wouldn’t mind doing more of it in your spare time then why not consider becoming an Uber driver? Most people are eligible and you can specify your schedule and availability.

An alternative is to sign up as a delivery driver for a local courier or fast food outlet: check out your local area for opportunities.


  • Put Ads on Your Car

You may have seen cars driving around with ads on them but not realised that anyone can do this? Websites such as Car Quids match drivers with advertisers who want to place their ads on cars. Advertisers will then make contact with you and you can earn a monthly amount as you drive by helping these brands connect with potential new customers every day.


  • Logbook Loans

Last but by no means least, if you own a car or bike or van and need quick cash then a logbook loan may be the answer. It is a personal loan that is secured on your vehicle: but you get to keep your vehicle and have full use of it during the period of the loan. Check out more details of our logbook loans here and do get in touch with us at Logbook Loans if we can be of any help with this.


So to make sure you enjoy this summer why not use your car to make some quick cash? Check back here soon for more financial and lifestyle tips from Logbook Loans.