How rare is your car? Most common cars according to DVLA!

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Let’s face it, if you are a car enthusiast you’re always convinced that your car is a bit special!  For others, a car is just a car – a means to an end – something that gets you from A to B.   But for those of us who love our cars, there is much more of an emotional attachment and a feeling of pride.

But do you know how special your car actually is?  We came across a fascinating table on the website How Rare is My Car that gives a list of the most popular cars that are currently on UK roads.  Based on data from the DVLA, the list shows the most common cars currently on the road.

The five most common cars are listed below.  The number in brackets indicates how many of these cars are currently taxed with the DVLA:

  1. Ford Focus   (1,482,534)
  2. Ford Fiesta  (1,453,378)
  3. Vauxhall Corsa  (1,205,158)
  4. Vauxhall Astra  (1,171,331)
  5. Volkswagen Golf  (1,021,725)

If you want to see how your particular make and model of car ranks, you can enter the details into the site’s searchable database HERE.   It is fun to look up the details for different types of car and see how many of them there are around.  You can even use the table to compare two types of car.

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