Poor Tyre Maintenance Top Cause of Car Accidents

It’s one of those little jobs that we know we should do regularly but most of us probably don’t.  Even though it only takes a few minutes it’s just sometimes one thing to many on the To Do list and frankly we can’t be bothered.

But this little job is very different from more of the other little jobs that we never get round to.  This little job could literally save your life!

New figures recently published by the Department for Transport have revealed that poor tyre maintenance was the most common reason for car accidents in Britain last year.  They contributed to 446 accidents; significantly higher than the next most common cause –  faulty brakes (cause of 365 accidents).  

There were found to be three main issues with tyres that motorists need to be aware of:


  • Low tyre pressures

It is really important to keep your tyres at the correct pressure to ensure that your vehicle is safe to drive. We tend to think of the main problem being tyres with a pressure that is too high potentially causing a blowout.  Whilst this is indeed very dangerous, low tyre pressures can be even more problematical because not only do they make the tyre more susceptible to wear and tear and overheating, but they also cause increased fuel consumption.


  • Worn tyre tread

A decent tread on tyres is essential to allow your car to grip the road surface.  There is a legal limit on tread depth of 1.6mm,  so if your tread is under this you need to get that tyre replaced immediately.  It is really important to check your tyre tread regularly and seek professional advice if it is worn either on the whole tyre or just part of it (which could indicate a problem with alignment, suspension or tyre inflation).  

Also beware of buying part-worn tyres.  A recent study by TyreSafe – an organisation that promotes tyre safety in the UK – found that 58% of tested used tyres had defects.  This led the Chairman of TyreSafe – Stuart Jackson – to recommend that you do not buy them:  “ Even if sold legally, TyreSafe urges Britain’s motorists not to buy part-worn tyres for the sake of their own safety and other road users.”


  • Damaged tyres

Sadly tyres can easily become damaged, either due to punctures or due to impact from kerbs or potholes or speed bumps.  Some damage can be repaired but some will require a replacement tyre.  This can be annoying and inconvenient but is is much better to be safe than sorry.

Our recent article – Maintaining Tip Top Tyres – explains in detail how to care for your tyres and to conduct the regular essential maintenance checks that enable you to spot the above problems developing.  Committing to undertake these simple maintenance tasks on a regular basis can literally mean the difference between life and death. If you need to change your tyre then we have an handy article on that too!

According to Andrew Jervis – of the car repair website ClickMechanic:  “Some UK drivers are not servicing their car regularly or conducting simple checks, such as measuring the air pressure in the tyres. All drivers should follow their manufacturer’s recommended schedule and ensure that any anomalies are assessed by a professional as soon as possible.”


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