Don’t Let Your Phone Become a Pickpocket; Keep Bills Down!

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Owning a mobile phone is pretty much a necessity in this day and age. Moreover, owning a smartphone is becoming as typical as owning a TV. Your phone isn’t just for calling anymore; you can write emails, search for nearby restaurants, and even find your future partner at your fingertips!

Nevertheless, having this 21st Century necessity comes at a price, and sometimes phone bills can be crushing to our finances. Here are some tips to keep the costs of your mobile down and to avoid additional pounds being added to your bill.

Turn Mobile Data Off
Having the internet at your fingertips is one of the major draws of owning a smartphone. But sometimes mobile data can be working in the background, adding unnecessary costs to your bill. If, for instance, you are travelling on a long car journey and are not using your phone for navigation or music, try turning mobile data off. This is especially useful if you signed up for a contract which only allows a small amount of data each month.

Invest in a Durable Cover
Sometimes people avoid spending £10 or £20 on a cover for their phone because they’ve already spent a small fortune on the phone itself. However, if you inadvertently drop your phone and the screen smashes, the price of repairing the screen will make you regret not spending a small amount at the start. Most phone companies also offer insurance as an added extra, but if you have home insurance you may be covered already for loss or theft of your phone.

Unlock Your Phone if You’re Going on Holidays
If you’re going on holiday outside of the EU (with their new reduced roaming tariffs) but need to use your phone to constantly keep in touch with business affairs at home, you should consider unlocking your phone for a small fee. This will allow you to insert a sim card from the country of your destination so you can have data guilt-free, and will avoid looking round for cafes all the time for wifi.

Monitor Your Children’s Spending Habits
Horror stories abound of parents who let their children use their phones for games, but never thought to check whether their children were buying in-app purchases. Always have a password enabled for iTunes or Google Play, so that you avoid your children buying levels and powers for their beloved mobile games.

If All Else Fails…
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