How often should you clean your car? Part 2: The Inside

In our last article we looked at how to clean the outside of your car. In this one we look at how to clean the inside so it looks just as good as the outside!

Cleaning inside your car should be done on a regular basis, just the same as the outside. The environment inside a car can become unhygienic very quickly, particularly in the heat of summer. Just think of your car as an extension of your home and clean it as often as you clean your home.

As before, let’s start by thinking about the materials you need to do a good job:

The materials you need

The main essentials are:

  • Vacuum cleaner
  • A steam cleaner if you have one
  • Hose or pressure washer
  • Specialist cleaning products
  • Cloths, towels and rags
  • Brushes


You are now ready to follow for our Five Point Plan for cleaning inside your car

  • Remove all rubbish and vacuum all surfaces
    Before you begin, remove all the junk that should not be in the car and also be ruthless about rubbish. Move the seats around and get every coins, tissue, sweet wrapper, ticket and any other items that have accumulated. Now is also a good time to do an initial vacuum of all surfaces to remove excess dust and dirt before you go any further.
  • Carpets and Floor Mats
    Now take out the floor mats and give them a good shake (away from the car to avoid more dust accumulating). Loosen any ingrained dirt with a stiff brush then give the mats a good wash, ideally with a hose or pressure washer. Then leave them to dry out completely while you give the carpets a really good vacuum or steam clean.
  • Seats
    Give seats another good vacuum, then apply cleaning products if needed. These products will vary depending whether your seats are leather, vinyl or cloth upholstery. Work the product in gently with a cloth or rag, and be sure to leave plenty of time for the seats to dry. You may also want to use similar cleaning methods on door panels if they are the same material as the seats.
  • Windows and mirrors
    Be careful to use glass cleaner on the windows but an all-purpose cleaner on any plastic elements such as surrounds. Also be aware that tinted windows may contain a sheet applied to the inside of the window which could be damaged by cleaning products so do double check before applying them to tinted windows. Always spray the cleaning product onto the cloth rather than the window or mirror itself; this helps to minimise streaking.
  • Front panel
    This can be really difficult to clean because of all the controls and nooks and crannies. The best thing to do is to use the tools on your vacuum cleaner to get out as much dust and dirt as you can. Then use a smaller implement such as a toothbrush or cotton bud to clean the small fiddly parts. A can of compressed air can also work wonders at cleaning up these areas. Use a general purpose cleaner on the larger surfaces.

If you follow the above steps, the inside of your car should be a pleasant place to be from now on. It will look and smell fresh and clean, so that whether you are using it for business or pleasure, you enjoy the experience!