The latest must-have car gadgets & extras

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For car enthusiasts, one of the most restricting things about lockdown was not being able to make any non-essential drives. So now that you can do this again, we hope that you’ve been able to enjoy a bit of time on the road.

And although summer will soon be making way for autumn, it’s never too late to treat your car to a new gadget. Something that will make your journey just that little bit more enjoyable.

So we’ve been scouting around and found a few things that we think you might like. We’ve grouped them into four categories – navigation and safety, entertainment, storage and food and drink. With a little something special for pets at the end! 

For each category we describe some of the latest gadgets available, with an example for you to follow up if you are interested.


Navigation and safety

Dash cam

More and more people are turning to dashcams to feel safe on the road. One example is the YI Mirror Dash Camera which is very portable and easy to use. It provides both front and rear view footage and has a 4.3” touchscreen that attaches over your rear view mirror. It’s also pretty good at capturing videos of you and your passengers in the car!

Heads Up Display (HUD)

As illustrated in this articles featured image, the Hudway Cast HUD will transform your smartphone into a high tech car infotainment system. It does this by projecting your phone onto a transparent screen, enabling you to view GPS, receive calls and texts, and control music. Works with both Android and iOS devices.

Key trackers

There’s nothing more frustrating than losing your car keys – and it always happens when you are in a hurry! So why not invest in a key tracker? One of the best around at the moment is Tile Tracker. All you need to do is attach a small tile to your keys (or anything else you don’t want to lose) and then the Tile app on your phone can always track them down within a range of 60 metres. You can even use the tracker tile on your keys to make your phone ring if it’s the phone you can’t find!

Night vision camera

As the nights begin to draw in, many drivers worry about driving at night as it can be difficult to see clearly. If this is you, then it may be worth investing in a night vision camera. One example is the  Lanmodo Night Vision System which can be positioned on your dashboard and give you an illuminated view of the road ahead.



Alexa on the move

The Amazon Echo Auto enables you to take advantage of Alexa’s help whilst on the move. It connects to the Alexa app on your phone and plays through your car speakers via either your smartphone’s Bluetooth connection or an auxiliary jack lead. You will be able to do anything that you normally use Alexa for, such as music, information, reminders and timers

Bluetooth cassette adaptor  

If your car is a little less high tech and still has a cassette player, then a gadget that may interest you is a bluetooth cassette adaptor, such as the Arsvita Bluetooth Cassette Receiver. Simply insert it into your cassette player and you will be able to stream music directly from your smartphone using bluetooth connection. There is also an aux cable version if you don’t have bluetooth. You will be able to enjoy around 8 hours of music from a single charge.



Roof box

You can never have enough room for luggage in your car, particularly if you are travelling with the family. So a car roof box is always a good investment. The Thule Motion XT range of roof boxes are strong and sturdy, and come with a smooth and simple SlideLock system. The dual side opening also enables you to get to your stuff easily from either side of your car.

In car organiser

Not only does this look good, but in our view is an essential gadget if you are travelling with family in the back of the car! This brilliant Palmoo leather backseat organiser has a range of different pockets to hold items such as iPad, phones, bottles, tissues, umbrella and various other bits and pieces. It fits easily over the back of the front seat, and protects your car from mess and scratches.


Food and drink 

In-car coffee maker

We all love to stop for coffee when on a road trip so why not invest in an in-car coffee maker to brew your own? Check out the Handpresso range of portable coffee makers, which includes coffee and espresso  makers, compatible with various different types of coffee pod as well as ground coffee. The coffee maker simply plugs into your car’s cigarette lighter and can brew a delicious coffee  in around 2 minutes.

Car fridge – warm or cool

On the subject of coffee, there will be times when you want to keep something warm in your car. And indeed others when you need to keep it cool. So a combined electric cooler and warmer is a good investment. Take a look at the range of car fridges by Subcold which you can plug straight into your car’s cigarette lighter. At the touch of a button you can switch your mini fridge into either cooler or warmer mode. The fridges are compact and portable, with a removable internal shelf providing flexible storage.


Don’t forget the pets!

Last but not least, many of us travel with pets in the car, most usually dogs, so our final gadget is especially for them! 

The Road Refresher bowl

The Road Refresher bowl has been around for several years now but has stood the test of time. It is a well designed non-spill pet bowl that your pet will really appreciate. The bowl has a floating plate inside which allows enough water through for your dog to drink, but restricts the flow when the car’s movement leads to a water surge. This means that you can fill the bowl with water before the journey then safely leave it by your pet in the car without danger of spills. The bowl comes in different sizes and colours, and has a velcro base to attach to most surfaces. You can also get brackets to fit the bowl to cages or crates.


So in this article we hope that we have found a gadget that works for every member of the family. Gadgets that will keep you safe on the road and also hopefully bring a smile to your face as well.

Enjoy your driving, and remember to check back here soon for more motoring, lifestyle and financial tips from Logbook Loans.