What are the “must drive” roads in Europe?

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Do you ever fantasise about a road trip holiday?    Picture yourself driving down an iconic road – maybe in an open top car – and just heading away from it all?   Perhaps it’s time to do it!

It’s so easy to get to Europe these days.  If you are taking a car with you then you have the choice of Eurotunnel or ferries – many of which can take you further into France than just Calais.  Or you may decide to fly or get the Eurostar into Europe and hire a car there.   

However you get to Europe, what are some of the best driving routes once you get there?  What are the “must drive” roads?    Of course everyone’s opinion varies but we have put together a list of five of the most popular roads in Europe that you may want to try!


The Col de la Bonnette – French Alps

This is the highest road in Europe and one of the most famous roads in the Alps.  It is used as part of the tour de France.  Its full height is 2807m, and at times it gets very narrow but the road surface is mostly very smooth.  It is a pretty adrenaline-pumping drive but the breathtaking scenery – ranging from lush greenery at the bottom of the pass to a barren volcanic environment at the top – makes it all worthwhile.


Flüela Pass – Swiss Alps

This is a very picturesque pass through a very quiet valley, largely uninterrupted by villages.  From the north of the pass – near Davos – the drive takes you through a beautiful alpine forest, gradually getting higher and tighter then the descent is a little steeper back down to another wooded area.  The road surface is excellent and the lack of populated area means that you can get into a good driving rhythm without interruption.


Furka Pass – Swiss Alps

The Furka Pass is the location of the famous James Bond Aston/Ford Mustang car chase in Goldfinger.  Again, the road surface is mostly immaculate and whilst there are lots of switchbacks, there are also stretches where you can really enjoy driving.  At the top of the pass is the iconic Hotel Belvedere from which there are stunning views to the Rhone glacier.  Also at the top there is a beautiful lake: something for everyone!.


Grossglockner – Austrian Alps

The Grossglockner High Alpine Road is the highest surfaced mountain pass road in Austria.  It is a toll road and very popular, so best to get there early in the morning (5 or 6am) when it opens, to avoid the tourists!   The reason for its popularity is that it is one of the most scenic drives in Europe, including the Kaiser-Franz-Josefs-Höhe and Pasterze Glacier (which has a multi-storey parking garage) and also the Hochtor Pass with stunning views.


Hochstrasse –  Black Forest

Also knowns as Route 500, this is one of the finest roads in the Black Forest and one of the most beautiful elevated drives in the Black Forest region.  It is also a wider road than many others in the region, so a little more comfortable to drive.  Driving from Knibes in the south to Baden Baden in the north combines smooth sweeping sections above the forest with dramatic switchbacks through the forest itself.  Like the Grossglockner this road can get very busy – so it is best to get there early to enjoy at its best!


These are only a few of the incredible roads available in Europe but hopefully have whetted your appetite to find out more!   Now it’s time to enjoy planning the road trip of a lifetime!  

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