Where will you be going on a summer holiday?

Money saving ideas for your best summer holiday ever!

2019 is flying by: we are already into spring! Summer will be here before you know it, and the question everyone will be asking is if you are going away on holiday this year.

For many of us the answer is an immediate no, because we just don’t think that we will be able to afford anything. But if you are prepared to be a bit flexible then you just might be able to get away for what could turn out to be your best summer holiday ever.

Follow our four point plan to make things happen!


1. Now is the time to plan your holiday

One of the keys to getting a good deal is to book something early. Which means now!

The sooner you book, the better choice of destinations you will have. There will also be more chance of being able to take advantage of good deals offered by some holiday companies such as free kids’ places.

Another advantage of booking early is that you have more time to pay for your holiday. At this stage you will probably just need to pay a deposit. You will have time to get the rest of the money together to pay the balance a few weeks before you leave.


2. Getting started

The first thing to do is to set a realistic budget for a holiday. There is no point booking something if you can’t then afford to pay for it. So decide how much you will be able to spend, and don’t despair if it is a very small amount: there are still options available, as we will see below.

Before you do anything else it is also a good idea to ask family and friends for their recommendations. Not only are you likely to hear about some lovely places that you may not have come across, but you may even find that someone knows someone with a cheap holiday home to rent. So make word of mouth your first option.

Another thing that many of us overlook these days is to visit our local travel agent. They will be able to provide helpful information about many different destinations, and may also have access to excellent deals that may not be available online.


3. Making your choice

The above two steps will help you to start narrowing down what you would like to do and what is affordable. So now is the time to do more research and then get round to booking your holiday! Depending on what you are thinking of doing, you could try some or all of the following:

  • Arrange a resort holiday online

If you have a specific destination in mind then you can just Google that destination to find out a range of available options. If you are confident about putting together your own holiday rather than taking a package deal you could use websites such as TripAdvisor, Booking.com or Airbnb to book accommodation and then make travel arrangements separately.

If you prefer a package deal then look at well-known travel companies such as:

Also have a browse through travel searching websites such as:

  • Swap or sit a home

Many of us prefer to stay in a home rather than a hotel when we are away. If this is you then rather than spend a small fortune to rent a house or flat, why not take a look at the concept of home swapping? It can be an incredibly cost-effective opportunity to try a new area, either in the UK or abroad. There are many websites that enable you to swap homes with someone else for an agreed short term period, such as:

Another related option is to arrange your own house swap with someone that you know. A fantastic option to consider if money is tight. You are bound to have family or friends in either a different part of the UK or abroad. Would it be possible for you to either swap homes for a couple of weeks this summer or for you to house sit for them if they have already made plans to go away?

  • Camping

If you have horrible memories of camping as a child, with cold damp tents and poor site facilities then think again! The whole camping world has moved on in leaps and bounds over recent years. So if you are prepared to consider a camping holiday there are many fantastic opportunities both in the UK and abroad. Take a look at the following websites to get a flavour of the range of campsites, caravan parks and holiday parks available:


4. Once you have booked

The weeks between you booking your holiday and going on holiday are really important.

If you have to pay more money nearer the time then you need to start saving that money – as the due date will be here before you know it. If along the way you realise that there is going to be a bit of a shortfall then try contacting us at Logbook Loans to see if we can help: we offer a range of short term loans that may just help to make up the difference. You can contact us online or phone us on 0330 400 4137. Also don’t forget that you will need some spending money and if you are going abroad this will need converting into the most commonly used local currency.

As well as sorting out your money, make sure you use this time to do any shopping that you need for your holiday: clothes, toiletries, sunglasses etc. If you do this gradually you will spread the cost. Also make sure that if you are going abroad you have an up to date passport and also check whether you need any type of visa/travel permit or any inoculations before you go. Don’t leave this till the last minute!

If you are going abroad, how will you get to the airport? There are various options, including public transport, but some can be very expensive and some can be awkward if you have lots of luggage. So think this through and make arrangements: it is often cheaper to arrange and pay for this well in advance than leaving it till the last minute.

The final thing to do in the weeks leading up to your holiday is to make sure that everything at home will be ok while you are away. Do you have pets that will need to be looked after? Are there plants that will need watering, particularly if there is a hot spell? Can a neighbour keep an eye on things for you, for example taking parcels in and putting bins out? Again, it’s good to think these things through and put plans in place rather than having a last minute panic.

So the next time someone asks you if you are going on holiday this year, we hope that the answer will be a resounding YES!

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