How to make Mum’s day without breaking the bank!

Money saving ideas for Mother’s Day from Logbook Loans

Mother’s Day is not far away. Sunday 31st March to be precise.

Originally known as Mothering Sunday, Mother’s Day occurs on the third Sunday before Easter. It originated in the 16th century when churchgoers would return to their “mother” church, either the church where they were baptised or the nearest cathedral. This day became a special celebration for families, and children would pick flowers either to place in the church or give to their mothers. This custom gradually evolved into Mother’s Day as we know it today.

This year we lose an hour of Mother’s Day due to the clocks going forward. So it’s even more important to plan something that really shows your appreciation for Mum during those special 23 hours!

At this stage you still have a little bit of time to plan something special. Even if finances are tight it is possible to do something lovely for your Mum whilst still saving money.

Why not try one of these five ideas?

1. Sunday lunch

Sounds fairly obvious but you can make this a Sunday lunch with a difference. Instead of taking Mum out to a busy overpriced restaurant, make her a fabulous lunch either at your home or hers. Wherever it is, make sure that she has to do absolutely nothing. Treat her like a princess, from a glass of her favourite tipple on arrival to complete pampering all the way through. Put on her favourite music too, so that the ambience is exactly as she would like it: and if she enjoys any particular entertainment such as party games or quizzes then be sure to include those as well. Basically think of it exactly like Christmas Day – but just for Mum!

2. A day out

Where is Mum’s favourite place? Either somewhere she loves to go or has always wanted to? It’s strange how we can live near a place for years and always mean to go but never do. So Mother’s Day is the time to change all that and have a fun day out. Whether it’s seeing the sights of the city, a visit to a stately home, an amble round a quaint village or a bracing walk on the beach, do something that she will love. And if the weather is kind enough then pack a delicious picnic to have during your trip.

3. Surprise family get together

Family is so important. But as families get older they often see each other less and less. Children grow up and go off to university or move to another town or country to live and work. Job changes can take other family members to far flung places too. It just seems increasingly difficult to get families together. But that does mean that when everyone does get together it is even more special. So this Mother’s Day why not try and get as many of you together as possible – and keep it a surprise if you can? It could end up being an amazing multi-Mother’s Day celebration for various women in the family.

4. Reminiscing

Everyone likes to reminisce and look back on happy times. The problem nowadays is that because so many of us have all our photos and videos on phones, computer and social media it can be difficult to look back on particular times and events without having an array of gadgets available. So this Mother’s Day why not prepare a photobook of lots of happy times in Mum’s life? She can then look through them at her leisure and enjoy reliving those special moments. It’s a gift that she can keep going back to again and again, long after Mother’s Day has passed.

5. Joint gift

If you are not able to be with your Mum this Mother’s Day then you may be racking your brains to think of something nice to send her instead. Flowers are always a good choice, but it always feels like there needs to be something else as well. One good option is to club together with any siblings you have, to get Mum something really nice. For example, perhaps you could organise a spa day, an afternoon tea or a night away in a lovely hotel. Paying for a special treat between a few of you makes it affordable, and it’s something that Mum will probably enjoy much more than a few boxes of chocolates or bottles of bubble bath!

We hope that the above ideas can help you to plan something special for your Mum this Mother’s Day without breaking the bank. Check back here soon for more money saving ideas from Logbook Loans.