Merry Twixtmas! What to do between Xmas and NY…

Christmas is done. New Year’s eve is just around the corner. What to do, what to do? Here are some fab ideas from Logbook Loans to keep you busy. And, if you need, get some quick cash for your Christmas break from us too!

Don’t you just love those few days after Christmas? The ones between Christmas and New Year. Those quiet relaxed days when all the Christmas preparations are over and you can just relax. The long lazy days that are sometimes known as Twixtmas.

Time is precious and Twixtmas is an ideal opportunity to spend some of that time doing exactly what you want to do. But many of us are so busy that when we do actually have some time to spare, we don’t know what to do with it!

So here are our Top Ten ideas for Twixtmas – most of which are free so you won’t need to scramble around for quick cash to do them!

Pyjama Day:

It has got to be done! Over the Christmas period there is so much going out and about, and thinking what to wear, that it is really refreshing to do just the opposite. So during Twixtmas, have at least one pyjama day where you don’t even bother getting dressed but just slob around munching leftovers and watching Christmas movies or your favourite box sets. A perfect way to recharge after all the recent activity!

Family MasterChef:

Yes we know … after all the Christmas catering the last thing anyone feels like doing is cooking! But you do need to use up all those leftovers so why not make it fun? In reality, it will probably be more like Ready Steady Cook than MasterChef – because we do tend to get left with an odd assortment of leftovers! But having two or more teams trying to make something vaguely edible can be great fun as well as using everything up.


Get inspired by the TV series and make the time just to hang out with the friends you really want to see but haven’t yet seen. Christmas is a time when we have so many people that we “must” see and celebrate with – extended family, work colleagues, neighbours – that we can end up not seeing some of the people that we would really like to see. So Twixtmas is the ideal opportunity to do just that.

Breathe the air:

At some point during Twixtmas you will feel the need to get out for some fresh air. One easy way to do this is to get out for a bracing winter walk. You may just do this locally, for example a park or local river or canal, or may decide to venture further afield and drive to a beach, open countryside or National Trust/English Heritage site.

Either way just get out and breathe the air! Take time to appreciate the winter scenery and enjoy being together with those you love.

Alfresco dining:

If you’re really brave then how about an outdoor picnic or barbecue? If you’re out and about as we’ve just described then why not take along a few provisions for a picnic en route. If you’re really organised then take a portable BBQ with you for lunch on the beach!

But if all that sounds a bit too much you could always have a quick coffee or drink either in the garden or sitting outside at your local pub. There is definitely something very special about being able to eat or drink outdoors at this time of year, and it’s a little reminder that summer is not that very far away.

Pantomime time!:

If you missed a trip to your local pantomime before Christmas then it’s not too late. Oh no it isn’t! Many pantomimes run for at least a week or two after Christmas, and it can be a great way for family and friends to enjoy an afternoon out together and keep that Christmas spirit going just that little bit longer.

January Sales:

You may well have had quite enough of shopping by now, but some us still love to shop. If you or the family have had any Christmas money then the January sales are a good time to buy something special – perhaps that Christmas gift you really wanted but that no-one else bought.

It’s also a good time to buy anything you need for your home. And – dare we say it – if you can bear the thought of next Christmas you can pick up some real bargains (cards, decorations, gifts etc) to start getting ready!

Explore your city:

If you live near a city then why not spend a day during Twixtmas exploring it? There will be so much that you haven’t seen, and it will be a quieter time to travel.

As well as any of the tourist attractions that you want to see, it can be amazing just walking around and seeing the sights through new eyes. If you prefer indoor activities then try one or more of the city’s museums or art galleries, which are usually free admission.

Then why not finish off your day with a drink and a snack in a city cafe or pub.


It is so busy in the run up to Christmas that you have probably abandoned any exercise regime that you do. Twixtmas is a great time to relaunch this. Or if you have not been doing much exercise recently then now is a great time to start.

So don’t wait for the New Year like everyone else does, get a head start on your exercise regime now and it will be much easier to keep it going in the New Year!


Twixtmas is a good time for reflection. After all the busyness of Christmas, take time to think about the year just gone. How has 2018 been for you and how you would like 2019 to be different? This will help you to make meaningful New Year resolutions and start 2019 on a positive footing.

Making New Year resolutions can also help you to plan ahead. For example if there are things that you want to achieve in 2019 for which you will need some financial help, then you have time to plan for that and organise your finances accordingly rather than end up in a financial mess.

Happy Twixtmas from all at Logbook Loans! Check back here soon for more lifestyle and financial advice for 2019.