Logbook Loans Tips: Help! My exhaust has fallen off!

It’s the sound we all dread!  That clunking noise that means there is something wrong with our car.  Especially if we’re running late or it’s at the start of an important journey.  A quick inspection reveals that the exhaust is either hanging on by a thread or has come off altogether.  What do you do?  Is it safe to drive a car without an exhaust?  Is it legal?

First let’s understand what the exhaust does.  It has four main functions:

  • To direct harmful fumes (eg carbon dioxide) away from passengers
  • To control engine noise
  • To improve the performance of the engine
  • To improve fuel consumption.

So if your exhaust is damaged in any way, the above four things will not be happening.  That can’t be good!  One of the main things people do notice when there is a problem with the exhaust is the noise.  It’s horrible and in itself may be enough for the police to stop you for committing a moving traffic offence..

However, more importantly is that without an exhaust the car is unroadworthy.   As well as the noise, it is potentially dangerous because of the potential of harmful fumes entering the cabin.  

So if your exhaust is falling off or has already fallen off it really is important to replace it as soon as possible.  If you have a decent repair centre such as Kwik Fit or Halfords near your home then it is usually acceptable to drive the car carefully to that repair centre.  If you were to be stopped by the police you need to explain that the problem has just happened and that you are on your way to get it repaired, which in most cases will mean there should not be a problem.

Generally it is not too expensive to replace a car exhaust so it is definitely worth it.  The website WhoCanFixMyCar is a price comparison website that provides information about local garages and likely costs.  They are currently quoting an average of £147.68 for a complete exhaust refit – but bear in mind that this is an average price and for many models of car it will be cheaper.

But whatever the cost, unfortunately these things do tend to happen when we have absolutely no spare money!   In which case it doesn’t matter how much it costs: the point is you can’t pay for it.  So what do you do?   To keep yourself safe and your car roadworthy it would be worth borrowing money if needed to get this sorted.  At Logbook Loans we offer a variety of loans for people in all kinds of circumstances – including bad credit logbook loans.  So even if your credit rating is not good at the moment we may still be able to lend you the money you need to fix your car: as long as you can afford the loan repayments we will consider you.

If you are having exhaust problems you really do need to get them sorted out as soon as possible so that you can drive again confident of your car being roadworthy.   If you need help from us at Logbook Loans then why not get in touch today and we can get you moving again!


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