Does my car really need a

When did your car last have a service?  Official guidance is that cars should be serviced every 12 months or 12000 miles – whichever is the sooner. But is this really necessary?  Or is it just a myth to keep garages in business?

You can check in your car’s service history record when it was last serviced and the mileage at that service. Even if your car has had work on it since then, a service is still recommended. But why?

There are in fact several good reasons why you really do need to get your car serviced. Let’s take a look:


  • Safety

Always put safety first. If there is anything wrong with your car then you need to know and need to get it sorted. Regular servicing is a key part of this. It will ensure that all the essential checks are carried out on every part of your car to make sure that they are kept in top condition and don’t fail you.

Regular servicing also helps to identify any potential problems at an early stage rather than leaving them until they become more significant. Your car may feel fine, but underneath the surface there may be things that are starting to go wrong that are better to be fixed at an early stage instead of developing into major problems and threatening your safety.


  • Preventing breakdowns

Regular servicing will reduce the likelihood of a breakdown. It is much better to get into the routine of good car maintenance and regular servicing rather than risk a breakdown. If you car breaks down, not only is this inconvenient and sometimes frightening, but it is expensive. Depending where you break down you may need to pay for your car to be recovered from the scene. There will then also be the costs of repairs and also alternative transport in the meantime. Much better to have regular services to identify and deal with potential problems instead of leaving them to happen.


  • Extending the life of your car

Cars are like any other item of property in that the better you look after them, the longer they will last. So whether you plan to keep your car for years or sell it in a year or two, it will pay to keep it in the best condition. Don’t forget that you can also use your car as security for a logbook loan, but it does need to be roadworthy. So keeping it in the best possible condition could also help if you need money at any stage for something special.


  • Keeping the value of your car

Whenever you decide to part company with your car and either sell it or trade it in for another car, you will stand more chance of getting a good price if it has been well-serviced. The second hand car market is very competitive, and a car with a full service history will attract more interest from buyers and is likely to achieve a  higher selling price.


  • Saving money on running your car

Yes you do have to pay for servicing but it can actually help you to save money too. It can spot and fix problems at an early stage rather than leaving them until they become hugely expensive. It can also save you money on petrol. New oil and air filters will help the engine to run more smoothly which helps the car to be more fuel efficient. Also keeping your tyres in top condition will ensure that the car’s rolling resistance is correct and that will also improve fuel consumption.

So there are lots of reasons why you should get your car serviced regularly. However, this does not mean that you can forget about looking after it in between services. In our recent article about car maintenance we outline the things you should be doing regularly to keep your car in tip top condition. This will help you to spot any problems as they do occur, and will also hopefully reduce service bills because there is likely to be less work to be done at the service.

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