Jaguar E-Type – the final 6 | Logbook loans for older cars

Release the equity in your classic car with logbook loans for older cars…

Don’t we just love the good old days?! Vintage is definitely in, and there is an escalating demand for all things vintage – be it clothes, jewellery, furniture, books or cars.

Vintage cars have had a dedicated following for many years and their popularity shows no signs of waning. The Telegraph recently published a classic car events calendar which featured a wide range of “events large and small, with something for everyone whether you’re a marque aficionado or general enthusiast.”

Our love of vintage cars has even led to some being recreated! Jaguar is recreating a limited edition of six of its fastest E-Types ever made. It originally made 12 of these between 1963 and 1964, some of which were driven to 26 victories by motor-racing legends such as Graham Hill and Jackie Stewart. 11 of the cars still exist and are worth at least £7 million!

Jaguar’s original intention was to make 18 E-Types and it is now building six new cars to the original design, and giving them the unused chassis numbers. The cars will cost £1.2 million each and already have six enthusiastic buyers.

Whilst most of us do not have the luxury of being able to spend £1.2 million on a vintage car, many of us do own vintage cars and treasure them dearly. We love to participate in the kind of events mentioned above, and our car is very much a part of our lives.

What many people do not realise is that their beloved car can also be of practical help financially. If you need to raise funds for something special you need to be aware that it is possible to get vintage car logbook loans. This means that you can use your vintage car as security against a loan for whatever you need, whilst still retaining full use of the vehicle as normal.

So keep on enjoying your vintage car, even if it’s not one of the new E-Types. It will give you many more years of loyal service and when times are hard can even help to keep you afloat through logbook loans for older cars. Vintage just got even better!

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