LBL: The cheapest way to travel: cars or public transport?

If you are planning to go away this summer what is the best way to travel? Whether it’s within the UK or over to Europe there are various options available.

For a long journey you would assume that public transport would be best in a variety of ways. Surely it would be more economical to use public transport, and better for the environment too?

Well, this depends. The cost of public transport can be very expensive. You may remember that in the news recently it has been reported that rail fares in the UK are set for a shake-up. Apparently there are now around 55 million different types of ticket available! Rail firms are saying that action is needed to make the system simpler and fairer, and are launching a UK-wide public consultation in conjunction with watchdog Transport Focus, to look at reform.

The Telegraph recently reported the story of a man who needed to travel from London to Bristol and decided to buy a car because it was cheaper than a train ticket! The second hand car cost just £80. Road tax was £81.38, insurance for one day £20.43 and petrol £25. A total of £206.81. This compares with peak-time return train tickets between London and Bristol cost between £210 – £218.10.

The commuter – Tom Church – also pointed out that he still had the car at the end of the day. Even though it was old, he reckoned he would probably be able to sell it on for around £200. So would pretty much break even on the deal!

So driving can sometimes be as cheap as public transport. We recently ran an article Can You Afford to Keep Driving. In this article we pointed out that yes motoring can be expensive but that there are various ways to keep costs down. Definitely worth a read!

One of the main things to do if you are planning to travel this summer is to plan  your journey carefully and take everything into consideration. Do some research into the various public transport options (including at least a few of the 55 million train tickets!) to see if there are any possibilities there.

If you do decide to drive then would it be possible to car share with someone else perhaps? Either a friend who is planning to make the same journey, or you could try one of the various car sharing websites such as Carshare where you can team up with others and share the costs.

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We wish you happy travelling this summer! Check back here soon for more tips and advice from Logbook Loans.