Top Tips for keeping your kids happy on car journeys

Summer holidays are here and that is likely to mean that you are out and about in your car a lot with the family. Whether it’s a long journey to a holiday at the other end of the country or a relatively shorter one to visit family or friends, a bit of advance planning will make things easier for everyone.


Here are Top Ten Tips from Logbook Loans for a bon voyage!


  1. First and foremost make sure that you think ahead and anticipate any potential problem. Be prepared to deal with a child who is either sick, hot or cold, hungry or thirsty or any other combination! Pack the car with a plentiful supply of all the practical things that you may need – for example car sickness medication, wet wipes, paper towels, blankets – and also a good selection of drinks and snacks for the journey.
  2. Also encourage your children to pack their own small bag for the journey. This enables them to take responsibility for some special toys and other familiar items to keep with them in the car. Why not also put one or two little surprises into these bags for the children to enjoy finding on the journey.
  3. Also store some special items in creative ways around the car to keep them amused. Whether it’s snacks or sweets or special toys – they all need a place.
    We love this photo – courtesy of Pinterest – which will hopefully inspire you to find new and interesting ways of bringing their essential supplies and toys without completely ruining your car!
  4. Tell your children all about the journey beforehand to get them interested and involved. You could prepare a simple map showing some of the major places you will be passing through, and plan in advance where you will stop on the way. This breaks down the journey into chunks so even if it is long, there are things to look forward to. You could also give out little treats as you pass other preplanned places on the route.
  5. Create some little games and competitions that can be played in the car as long as it doesn’t annoy the driver too much. There are various versions of I-spy that can work well, with children looking out for place names or other landmarks on the journey, specific makes or colours of cars, or letters or numbers in car registrations.
  6. Word games or guessing games or memory games can also be fun if everyone is in the mood. There are dozens of these such as Who Am I, Twenty Questions and  I Went to Market: try Googling these to get you started! Older children may also enjoy Lateral Thinking and riddles, and you could involve them more by getting them to prepare some in advance for everyone to enjoy.
  7. For a bit of peace and quiet you can give everyone time to read or do colouring or puzzles. This is probably a short term solution though as it can lead to car sickness if you are not careful!
  8. We have not yet mentioned technology – because in a way this is the obvious solution. Children can use tablets and smartphones to watch films, play games and listen to music. But it’s also good idea to mix and match with some of the other activities we have mentioned so that children do not get headachy or grumpy!
  9. One creative use of technology is to agree in advance to create a book or film about your holiday. This can start with the journey itself. Children can record their memories of the journey as they go along; places they like, funny things that happen, things they have particularly enjoyed etc. They can either record their voices or write the memories down and take plenty of photos and video footage too.

    Bear in mind that this will also give them a fun project to work on when they get back home again!

  10. Last but not least – sleep! Journeys can be blissful with sleeping children. So where circumstances permit you may want to consider driving at night for at least part of your journey. It will mean a different kind of preparation to keep the driver(s) relaxed and happy – and the facility for them to sleep it off once they arrive –  but means you can avoid too much stress and hassle from travel-weary children.

We hope that these tips from Logbook Loans will help you all to have some happy family car journeys this summer. Check back here soon for more useful tip from Logbook Loans.