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As any Formula 1 fan will know, the season is now well under way. When we published our last article on this subject – Formula 1 2020 season is here –  there were 8 F1 races scheduled between July and September. This is the minimum number of races required for a valid F1 championship. 

The good news is that since then, 9 further races have been scheduled. This will make a total of 17 races altogether, instead of the original 22 that were planned pre-Covid. Following the double header in Italy in early September, the remaining race schedule is as follows:

September 27th Russian Grand Prix Russia
October 11th Eifel Grand Prix Germany
October 25th Portuguese Grand Prix Portugal
November 1st Emilia-Romagna Grand Prix Italy
November 15th Turkish Grand Prix Turkey
November 29th Bahrain Grand Prix Bahrain
December 6th Sakhir Grand Prix Bahrain
December 13th Abu Dhabi Grand Prix Abu Dhabi


How do you get a job in Formula 1?

The 2020 season has already had its fair share of ups and downs, with excitement and disappointment for most of the teams. But has it made you think what must it be like to work in Formula 1? How could you get a job in Formula 1 if you wanted to?


Become a Formula 1 driver

The first people that most people think of in F1 are the drivers. If you are serious about becoming a racing driver you will need a lot of dedication. But anything is possible. One of the best courses of action is to join a local racing club and get involved. Start working towards your racing license and entering amateur races. Kart racing is a very common route to take. Many current F1 drivers started this way, including Lewis Hamilton.

You might also want to consider joining a racing school, for example the one at Silverstone. This would enable you to learn more about racing and circuit skills to help you get your racing license.

To drive in Formula 1 you need to gain a Formula 1 super license. To get this you will need to be over 18 years old and hold a current driving license. You must have competed in junior single seater racing events for at least 2 years and have earned at least 40 race points. You would also need to have driven a recent F1 car at least 300 km at speed, and be able to pass a mandatory test about F1 sporting regulations.

If you manage to do all this successfully then look out for any driving opportunities within F1 teams. Be prepared to start anywhere, in order to gain the experience you need to get you where you want to go. 


Other roles in Formula 1

As well as drivers, there are many other roles that would enable you to be involved in Formula 1 and go to races, but without actually being behind the wheel. 

  • Race engineers form the link between the driver and the rest of the team, including radio communication with the driver during the race. You would be involved in planning race strategies such as tyres, fuelling, pit stops and car set-up. 
  • Race mechanics are responsible for making sure the car is in top condition and helping to keep it performing at its best during the race. You would take part in pit stops and also help to deal with any technical issues as they arise during the race.
  • Race marshals are responsible for ensuring the safety and security of the racing track, and to assist with any incidents such as a crash or debris on the track.
  • Hospitality also presents many opportunities in F1. Roles include hosting, catering and events organisation. A wide variety of people are needed to make sure that everything goes smoothly for the teams and the venue itself.

Of course there are also many other roles in Formula 1 that are more behind the scenes. Whether it is an engineering or design job back at base, or one of the essential tasks of any business such as HR, marketing, finance or administration, there are lots of things that need doing.

So if you do want to work in F1 in a non-driving role, start searching F1 teams and venues and see what kind of opportunities are available. Also research the kind of skills and qualifications that you would need to be able to take on your desired role so that you can begin to work towards what you really want to do.


What about other jobs working with cars?

But apart from Formula 1, there are many other ways that you could work with cars. Imagine your everyday working life being something that you are passionate about and look forward to doing, rather than it just being a daily grind!

Here are a few ideas of other jobs related to cars:

  • Driver: there are a wide variety of driving roles including taxis, personal chauffeurs, hotel valets, couriers, delivery vans, ambulances and trucks.
  • Engineer: you could be involved in designing new cars and improving existing models.
  • Manufacturer: there are a wide variety of job opportunities in car manufacturing and assembly.
  • Mechanic: this could be in a car dealership, service centre chain, local garage or auto store. You would learn invaluable skills and could even think about setting up independently in future.
  • Car sales: there are some excellent opportunities in car dealerships. Also consider auto stores, where you could also learn about how to fit various parts to customers’ cars.
  • Car hire company: this is a good way to become familiar with all kinds of cars as well as learning about different aspects of customer service.
  • Driving instructor: if you love driving then why not consider training to teach others to drive too.
  • Marketing and journalism: if you worked for the marketing team of a car brand, you would be involved in telling people all about the cars in as many different ways as you can. Or you could try for a job at a car magazine, or have a go at blogging or vlogging about cars.


So as you can see, there are lots of opportunities to work in car-related jobs even if you don’t want to be a racing driver or work in Formula 1 itself. 2020 has not been the best of years, so maybe it’s time to start looking ahead to a better future, and start working towards the job of your dreams for 2021 and beyond?

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