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How comfy is your car?

Do you enjoy driving your car? Or is it a necessary evil: a means to get from A to B? Do you find long journeys relaxing or do you end up feeling uncomfortable – and ache all over the next day?

If you car isn’t very comfortable this is not just something you have to put up with: there are things that you can do. Try the following tips and see what a difference they can make:


  • Adjust the seats


If your seat isn’t comfortable, then you shouldn’t be driving in it. You could easily get distracted and fidgety. It is worth spending a little bit of time experimenting with whatever different seat settings exist on your car. Many of us don’t even know what kind of adjustments could be made and how to make them.

So get out your instruction manual to see what you can do, and also try making as many different adjustments as you need to until you feel completely comfortable. Also bear in mind that you can add in accessories such as cushions or even massaging seat backs, so find what works best for you.


  • Get the right temperature


If your car is always either too hot or too cold then do something about it! Many of us drive round with faulty heating or ventilation systems. We get in the mindset of thinking that it’s a luxury we will just have to do without.

But not only is a malfunctioning heating or ventilation system uncomfortable, it can also be unsafe. If you are too hot or cold you are not going to be able to give your full attention to your driving. Also if your ventilation system is not operating efficiently it could lead to your car misting up and impair your vision. So get it sorted!


  • Make your car smell nice


Let’s face it, sometimes cars can smell unpleasant. Whether it’s something about the upholstery, or mess and stains from children and animals, or just a musty smell you can’t get rid of, it needs sorting. The best way to keep your car fragrant is to clean it thoroughly and regularly. But over and above this why not invest in some items to make the car smell nice.

Don’t choose an off-the shelf car air freshener if you don’t really like the smell of these either. Instead have a look at essential oils such as lemongrass, peppermint or orange. You need to find a scent that is fresh and that will make a difference to your car but that will not be either overpowering or make you feel drowsy. Then just either put a couple of drops on a tissue on the dashboard or mix with a few drops of water in a small spray bottle and just do a quick spritz when needed. e


  • Food and drink


Whether you are on a long journey or just out and about doing errands, you can often feel a bit peckish whilst in the car. You may not have time or opportunity to stop to either take a break or go and buy food. So it’s a good idea to always have some drinks and snacks in the car. Keep close to hand a small bottle of water and some sweets or small snacks that you can safely munch while driving.

For longer journeys make sure you have something a bit more substantial that can keep you going for a while if, for example, you get stuck in traffic. You may plan to stop for lunch but all manner of things can go wrong and you may end up going without. There’s nothing worse than feeling hungry behind the wheel and not being able to stop. It can also make you feel light-headed and risk you losing concentration. So better be safe than sorry: always make sure there is something to eat and drink in your car.


  • Declutter


We looked at the topic of decluttering as part of our recent article Is your car ready for Back to School. But clutter really does fill up a car very quickly and can be both annoying and distracting. So make the time to completely declutter your car then make sure it stays that way. Whether it’s a box on the back set or an seatback organiser, have plenty of storage for all loose items in the car so that all the bits and pieces don’t spoil the comfortable ambience that you are trying so hard to create.


We hope that these tips help you to make your car a more comfortable place and that you will begin to look forward to driving it more. If you need any financial assistance with the process of improving your car then be aware that Logbook Loans offers a range of short term loans, that may be able to help. Click here for more information or to apply online.