Top Holiday Accommodation Ideas For All Weathers

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If you are planning a holiday in the UK this year then you need to be prepared for pretty much anything, weather-wise! This winter has seen such extremes of weather and spring has not got off to the best of starts.

So ideally you want to go to a place that has plenty of activities come rain or shine. Sun worshippers will not want to be cooped up inside if the sun does arrive and they could be out basking in it. But no-one wants to be stuck outside if it is cold and wet. But how do you find places with the best of both worlds? Here are some ideas:


  • Holiday parks

There are many holiday parks in the UK that offer a range of outdoor and indoor activities. Center Parcs, Butlins and Pontins are obvious ones but there are other smaller independent parks such as Sandybrook in the Peak District and Sandy Balls in the New Forest. It is worth taking the time to do some research on this to find out what is available and could be the ideal holiday for you and your family.


  • Youth hostels

Some youth hostels also offer accommodation to families. One example is London Lee Valley which has good catering facilities, lots of outdoor play space, and is near many different places for family outings of all kinds. Or further north there is Berwick on Tweed which has family rooms and plenty of entertainment nearby.


  • Family hotels

Many of us automatically dismiss the idea of a hotel, assuming it will be too expensive. But there are many hidden gems in the UK that do not cost a fortune if you look carefully. Some examples we found were Cober Hill, Scarborough, Newby Bridge, Windermere and Langstone Cliff, Devon but do some research, and don’t forget to check out discount websites such as Groupon to find really good deals. Look for a hotel that doesn’t just advertise itself as a family hotel but has plenty of facilities for everyone to enjoy.


  • Home from home

Another great idea for a holiday is to find a place that you think you would like then look for rented accommodation there. There are many cottage companies available or you may want to try AirBnB for either good value B&B accommodation or apartments/homes to rent. Try and find somewhere where there is a complete range of activities to do whatever the weather. So a place that has beaches / walks / outdoor sports and play areas / adventure parks / country parks and animal activities that everyone can enjoy if the weather is fine. But it also needs to have indoor activities available such as leisure centres / shopping malls / museums and galleries / cinemas etc for those rainy days. Also if you have spacious accommodation you have the flexibility to make your own entertainment, either inside or out.


  • Home swap

As an extension of the above concept, a much cheaper way to explore a new area is to swap homes with someone else. Ideally someone you know, although there are also websites such as Love Home Swap and Guardian Home Exchange that can link homeowners together.


Whatever your eventual holiday turns out to be we hope that you enjoy every minute!  If you need some extra funds you can get in touch with us at Logbook Loans for an online loan or give us a call!