Happy campers?! The Pros and Cons of Camper vans!

Logbook Loans looks at the pros and cons of camper vans…

The singer Ellie Goulding recently got married at York Minster. It was a very grand and glamorous affair, with various royals and celebrities amongst the throng of guests. And what did Ellie arrive at the church in? A camper van!


wedding campervan with money from logbook loans

Image courtesy of Irish Independent Peter Byrne/PA


This is simply another confirmation of something that we at Logbook Loans have been noticing for a while. Camper vans are back in fashion again!

If you’ve recently returned from a summer holiday, the likelihood is that you’ve seen a camper van or two on your travels. Whether it’s the traditional VW camper van as above, or a larger, more streamlined “RV” – Recreational Vehicle – they look like a fun and practical way to travel around and see more of the country.

As the big Back to School arrives and we start gearing up for autumn, many of us are tempted to do something dramatic like get a camper van and go off travelling. But what is the truth behind camper vans? How much do they cost to buy and maintain, and are there any hidden snags? Let’s take a look ….


What types of camper van are there?

We have already seen the classic: the VW camper van as shown above. These are compact in size but oh so stylish. There is room inside for storage units, basic cooking facilities, and a fold down bed, but not much else.


logbook loans takes peak inside latest campervan

Image courtesy of Danny 6060 Creative Commons


But there are a wide range of similar vehicles available. Larger motorhomes – or RVs – can include a kitchen, bathroom, and separate sleeping facilities. RVs can range from basic to luxurious, with a variety of creature comforts. Some RVs have expandable sides, and some are even double-deck. 


logbook loans shows off motorhome on open road

Image courtesy of Motorhomes Creative Commons


How much do camper vans cost?

As you would expect, prices vary enormously. 

To buy a brand new VW camper van – the California range – could cost you in the region of £50,000 upwards. Interestingly VW have been working on the concept of an electric T2 camper van for many years so that is also likely to happen soon.

To buy a motorhome from new is likely to cost more than the above, with most prices ranging from £60,000 upwards into triple figures.

But if those kinds of prices are out of the question then do consider looking around for a second hand one. A typical price for a used VW camper van in good condition is in the region of £20,000. The traditional-style ones – as used by Ellie Goulding  – are a little harder to come by but a good place to start looking would be websites such as Car and Classic or Just Kampers


So far so good, but if the price doesn’t put you off buying a camper van or motor home then make sure you also weigh up the decision carefully, taking other factors into account as well. Let’s take a look:


The advantages of camper vans

  • Camper vans are quite simple to drive. You would need to be more confident with a motorhome due to its size, but a camper van is pretty accessible for most drivers.
  • A camper van is still quite a small vehicle and therefore more manageable on the road. It can pass under most height restrictions and adapts well to town and city driving.
  • A camper van is easy to park. A motorhome a little less so, though more and more car parks are beginning to cater for larger vehicles.
  • You have the flexibility of being able to stay pretty much anywhere and the convenience of having everything you need around you without having to unpack: a real home from home.
  • You will always attract positive attention due to the coolness of your camper van!


The disadvantages of camper vans

  • If you buy a used camper van you need to be reasonably competent at car maintenance to keep it in top condition. A well-maintained van can last for years but you do need to give it lots of TLC.
  • A camper van is a small space to stay in for any length of time. If you plan to do lots of long trips then a larger motor home may be a better option.
  • By its very design, a camper van may be a little uncomfortable and sometimes rather cold. So you need to decide whether you are prepared to accept this for all the other benefits that your camper van will bring.


So there you have it. You now know about different types of camper van and RV, how much a camper van would cost to buy and keep on the road, and the pros and cons. Where you take it from here is completely up to you.

If you do decide to go for a camper van and need help with the finance then do get in touch with us at Logbook Loans to see how we might be able to help you.

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