Taking Advantage of the Fuel Duty Freeze!

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Earlier in 2016, fuel duty was frozen for the sixth year in a row in the budget. This was greeted with joy by cars users throughout the country. However, with the recent political turmoil meaning our nation’s budgetary future is somewhat unclear, you should take advantage of this freeze while it lasts.

Oil prices, which dropped so dramatically after the markets were flooded, are continuing to fall. Therefore there is hope that the fuel duty freeze might continue to be implemented, but this can only be speculated upon at this stage. Nevertheless, we recommend eking out the benefits of the freeze while you can, because austerity and concerns about the environment may influence the next budget’s ruling on fuel duty.

The primary benefit for the average driver is, of course, cheaper petrol. You cannot go to the petrol station to stock up on cans of petrol to leave in your garden shed for when prices eventually rise. However, you could perhaps take advantage of the cheap petrol prices by going on a road trip in the countryside that you had always intended on taking. If you’ve free time, now could be a better time than ever to see a part of the country that takes your fancy.

The advantage of driving a car that is cheaper to run is obvious, but there are some drawbacks. If there is cheaper petrol available that means more people will use cars. And we all know what that equation adds up to: traffic-jams!

Nothing is surely more frustrating than being stuck in traffic in total deadlock. No amount of funny radio DJs can distract you from the tedium that comes with being trapped in a line of cars going nowhere. This disadvantage usually only applies to city dwellers, although more cars on country roads might mean more opportunities for collisions.

From the government’s point of view, they might take advantage of the recent uncertainty and recent calls for taxes which are friendlier to the environment to implement an increase in the fuel duty tax next year.

If this occurs, lots of people who had not factored in a rise in petrol prices or in fuel duty might get a nasty surprise when they find that their commute is now costing them a lot more than they had anticipated.

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