Father’s Day Gift Ideas for the Car Mad Dad!

Have your best Father’s Day ever with help from Logbook Loans

Sunday 16th June is Father’s Day. What are you going to get your Dad this year? It can be difficult to find inspiration and you end up with the same old same old.

But if your Dad is car mad then we have a few ideas that may help. Whether you have some money to spend or are looking for something on a budget, any of the following gifts will bring a smile to his face!


Magazine subscription

There are a wide variety of car-related magazines out there. Whether it’s a specialist magazine for his particular type of car, a car maintenance magazine or general car guide there really is something for everyone. If you buy him a subscription for 6 months or a year, then every month the magazine will drop through his letter box and keep him happily occupied for quite a while. So this could be a brilliant gift for Dad: a gift that keeps on giving.


Novelty T-shirt

Dads love T-shirts so why not find one with either his favourite car or a humorous message about cars. He will wear it with pride! Or  you could look at a variation of this theme and look for other car-themed clothing items such as socks, ties or even BBQ aprons.



A Dad can never have too many tools so how about boosting his collection. Multi-tools are very useful, with a range of features such as pliers, blades, wire cutters, files and even a bottle opener. Prices vary – for example the popular Gerber Centre Drive could set you back over £100. But there are many different makes and prices available so do check them out as a potential gift for Dad.


Tool Box

If Dad has tools then he should also have a tool box. Rather than leaving everything lying around, a tool box provides a clean and easy way to store everything and to carry it around to where it’s needed. Look for one that is big enough to store all the essentials, but can still be easily carried. It is also useful to have lots of divider sections so that everything can be organised logically.


Dash Cam

If Dad is always complaining about other drivers and you worry increasingly about him getting into an accident or a road rage incident, then a dash cam can give you peace of mind – and is also a super new gadget for him to enjoy fiddling with! There is a wide variety of dash cams on the market with a range of different features. Prices start from around £20.


Garage Hub

Another high tech gadget that Dad will love is a garage hub. This Chamberlain® Smart Garage™ Hub is a smart device that connects to your home network. It then enables Dad to monitor and control his garage door from anywhere via his phone. He can preset times for the garage door to close and also for lights to turn on and off every day. He can also receive real-time notifications via an app. He will love showing this off to the boys!


Experience Day

Last but not least! For the car-obsessed Dad, why not get him an experience day that gives him the chance to drive a high-performance car? This is not as expensive as you may think: Virgin Experience Days and Red Letter Days both offer driving experiences from around £30/£40 and there are many other providers around. So it is well worth doing your research to find the package that is just right for your Dad.


Whatever gift you decide on we hope that your Dad is more than happy with your choice. Here’s wishing you a wonderful Father’s Day from all of us at Logbook Loans.