How to enjoy a road trip during Covid-19!

Lockdown driving advice from Logbook Loans

Here at Logbook Loans we welcome the recent changes to lockdown arrangements that now allow us to get out a little more often. As well as there now being no limit on outdoor exercise, it is also permitted to drive to other destinations for exercise or recreation.

The latest government guidelines do not limit the distance that people are allowed to drive. So if there is a road trip that you have been longing to do, then now may be the time to give it a try. But it is still very important to stay alert to the potential risk of infection and ensure that you act responsibly.

 As part of this, there are various considerations to bear in mind if you are planning a road trip of any kind during Covid-19:


Ensure that you are well-prepared

Before you set off on  your journey, make sure that you have everything you need. Your car may not have had much of an outing during lockdown, so check that everything is in good working order and that your car is fit for the journey. Check out our recent article Look After Your Car During Covid-19 for help. LINK?

It is important to take plenty of supplies with you, as there are likely to be limited opportunities for buying food, drink or other refreshments wherever you are going.

Also make sure that you have everything that you might need for any emergency situation – for example, charged mobile phone, contact details for breakdown service, water, first aid kit and blankets.


Research your planned destination

Don’t just head off in the hope that you will end up at your planned destination. Information is changing all the time, but you need to be sure that your destination is open and actively welcoming visitors. For example, Scotland and Wales are currently no go areas, and many National Parks and coastal areas in England are asking people not to rush back in case they get overwhelmed. 

Parking may also be an issue. Some National Trust car parks are open but others are not, and the same applies to many other open areas such as parks and commons. If there is a place you really want to visit but the car park is closed, then plan in advance where you will park instead, and park responsibly so as not to inconvenience or endanger others.

Finally, be aware that there may be no toilet facilities open wherever you are going, so you also need to be prepared for that situation if it happens.


Social distancing and hygiene

Wherever you go outside the home, social distancing rules still apply. So during every aspect of your road trip you need to maintain a 2 metre distance from anyone not from your household. This applies in any petrol station, motorway service station, shop, takeaway food facility or public toilet.

Hand washing is also incredibly important in these circumstances. So if you fill up with petrol, buy something in a shop, get takeaway food, use a public toilet or touch any surface at all that may also have been touched by others, you need to either wash your hands thoroughly or use hand sanitiser as soon as possible. And remember not to touch your face.

It is tempting to become more relaxed about social distancing and hygiene now that lockdown is being slightly eased, but the risk of infection is still very real. So it is more important than ever to stay alert.


Return home by a reasonable time

Whilst there is no official curfew or guidance about when you are allowed to be out, just bear in mind that the hospitality sector is currently closed. This means that there is no accommodation available if you were to stay out too long on your road trip: you need to come home.

So wherever you are planning to go, make sure you leave plenty of time to drive home safely at the end of your day.


In a future article – when restrictions are fully lifted and visitors are welcome everywhere – we will share with you some of our favourite road trips in the UK. There are so many beautiful places in our country to explore and enjoy a staycation, and we will return to this topic when it is more appropriate to do so.

But for now, we hope that you and your family can enjoy some fabulous shorter road trips and also stay safe and well during these changing times.

Check back here soon for more lifestyle, motoring and financial tips from Logbook Loans.