It’s That Time Of Year: Driving Home for Christmas?!

It’s that time of year when we are all getting ready for Christmas.  No matter how much we tell ourselves that this year will be different, we still end up in that last minute panic!   Yet again, Christmas seems to have come around so quickly that we find all our good intentions go out of the window, and we are scrambling round for last minute gifts just like everyone else.

If we are car owners then they become a vital resource in all the Christmas planning activities.   Whether you are visiting family and friends, chauffeuring children to and from various parties, or buying gifts, food and drink and other Christmas items, your car really proves its worth at this time of year.   So do remember to check out our recent article Take care of your car this winter, so that it doesn’t let you down when you need it the most.

We thought you’d like to see a video that we came across recently that shows someone really taking advantage of their car.  It shows a driver using his car to transport an enormous Christmas tree: a fully decorated one at that!    Filmed by a passenger in another car, the video clip shows the driver leaning out of the window in order to see out the front of the car because his vision is totally blocked by the tree, which is twice the size of the car and trails several feet in front of it.

If that weren’t enough distraction, music can be heard blaring from the car as it passes.   Add to this the cacophany of other cars tooting in amazement, the end result is rather chaotic to say the least!

Now we know that you would never do anything quite this crazy, but it can be tempting to take risks on the road in all kinds of ways at this time of year.  So do be careful and do stay safe!

If you do have to carry a Christmas tree home in your car,  do make sure that you secure the tree properly, so that the driver can have a good view of the road and also so that it does not slip when you brake.  Place the tip at the back so the branches are not damaged, while making sure that it is wrapped and does not stick out behind or in front of your car.   Also ensure that headlights, turn signals and tail lights are not covered.   The safest way to transport a Christmas tree is either to fit it into the boot of your car or to find one within walking distance so that you can carry it home on foot.

Christmas is also a time when we can end up taking risks financially.   There is so much pressure to spend, spend, spend.  We looked at this recently in our article Christmas presents that don’t cost the earth which we hope has helped; but if despite this you are running short and need some extra money then don’t be tempted to run up that credit card bill!   A small online loan from Logbook Loans could be just what you need to tide you over and help make ends meet over Christmas without running into major difficulties.   To find out more, do not hesitate to get in touch with us at Logbook Loans.