Popular things to do in driverless cars!

Be you driver or passenger, keep on the road with bad credit logbook loans. After all we keep hearing about driverless cars but how close are they to reality…?

In April The Daily Telegraph reported that the Government has given financial backing to a consortium – consisting of FiveAI, Direct Line, the University of Oxford, Transport for London and the Transport Research Laboratory – to research and develop a self-driving technology. The plan is then to demonstrate a fully-working driverless car system in London in the third quarter of 2019. The trial plans to use around 10 electric cars, that can be summoned by a Smartphone app to relay commuters to work.

But this got us wondering: what kind of things could you do in a driverless car? It is a burning question: if people no longer have to spend time controlling their vehicles, what will they do instead?

Interestingly there has already been some research on this very topic. In 2015, the College of Engineering at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, conducted a survey and came up with the following top ten answers. The top answer was chosen by 59% of both male and female respondents!

1. Use mobile devices

This is not surprising but a bit of a let-down really. All that potential time gained and we would waste it checking our phone or tablet! It appears that what we really want is more time with our smartphones without being a safety risk.

2. Eat

Well who doesn’t already eat in their car? Sometimes you just run out of time and it’s the only option. But it never quite works. Trying to coordinate eyes,hands and mouth is complicated and unsafe. How much better to enjoy a quick lunch on the move when you don’t need to concentrate on actually driving!

3. Read

Sometimes the most relaxing thing is to turn off all the technology and immerse yourself in a good book. Not possible when you’re driving but driverless cars put reading firmly back on the agenda.

4. Watch movies

For longer journeys you may want to indulge in a favourite movie. In fact Ford has already issued a patent for a self-driving car that is also equipped as a mobile cinema.
5. Work

When you’re up against it work-wise, every second counts. Just as many commuters work on the train, they will now be able to do likewise in a driverless car.

6. Sort out personal finances

Another time-consuming task for many of us is sorting out our personal administration and paying bills. Taking a journey by driverless car would enable you to use this new slot of time to clear all these kind of mundane tasks, ready to enjoy yourself once you reach your destination.

7. Play video games

Not necessarily everyone’s cup of tea, but the Carnegie Mellon study found that people aged 18 to 35 are looking forward to playing video games while being chauffeured. Good news for the gaming industry!

8. Put on makeup

OK some women already do this on the train but others are a little more reserved about this. But a driverless car provides the privacy to put on makeup without an audience – and buys you a few more minutes in bed in the morning!

That’s right, women (or men, for that matter) who normally wear makeup might now leave the house without it – that’s what they will use the car ride for. Depending on makeup habits, this could mean 15 (or 30? 60?) more minutes sleep in the morning.

9. Plan as you go

Because you’re not driving you don’t need to plan your route before you leave. You can just get into the driverless car and make it up as you go. If you do not have a particular route in mind then the car will be capable of recommending either the fastest or most scenic route to get there.

10. Selfies

It had to be in there! Our society’s obsession with selfies is bound to extend to the driverless car: just think how many selfies you see already in conventional cars. Be prepared for an increased flurry of selfies as people cotton on to the fact that driverless cars can be used as photo studios!


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