Convertibles: is a hard top or soft top best?

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In the recent sunny weather many of us may have decided that we really want a convertible. A convertible – also known as a cabriolet – is a car that can be driven either with or without a roof in place. What could be better than driving around with the top down, hair flying around in the breeze, loving every minute of the brilliant sunshine?

It sounds wonderful, but if you are seriously considering a convertible then you need to weigh up whether you want a hard top or soft top. So first let’s make sure we understand what each of these is.


Hard top

The roof of the car is made from rigid material such as metal or plastic. This roof is either automatically retractable and self-storing or can be removed manually and stored in the back or boot of the car. Manually removable hard tops have become less common in recent years


Soft top

The roof is made from cloth, usually constructed over a folding frame. It may also include linings, for example a sound-deadening layer and/or an interior cosmetic lining.

As you’d expect, there are advantages to each. At Logbook Loans we’ve taken a look at these to help you, and here’s what we’ve come up with:


The advantages of hard tops

  • They are more secure, as potential car thieves would be unable to cut their way in. Even an attempted break in to a soft top can result in expensive repairs.
  • They provide more protection in bad weather. They are more effective at preventing moisture seeping in, and more insulated against cold temperatures.
  • They are likely to last longer than a soft top. 
  • There is usually better sound insulation and solidity to the car.
  • In the event of an accident, a hard top roof is less likely to get damaged than a soft top.
  • The car looks equally good with the top on or off.


The advantages of soft tops

  • They look more like ‘real’ convertibles rather than ordinary cars. The convertible top is often in a different colour from the rest of the car’s exterior, so stands out as being a convertible.
  • They tend to be cheaper. 
  • They can often provide more storage room in the car when the top is down than a retractable hard top plus the motorised mechanisms that it also needs to store.
  • They are usually lighter, so can help to improve both road handling and fuel efficiency.
  • They usually have simpler mechanisms than hard tops, so are less likely to run into mechanical problems and therefore less costly to maintain.


So which type of convertible should you go for? Some would argue that a hard top is probably the better choice, given the unpredictable climate in the UK. Others dream of enjoying every moment of good weather that we do have in a more traditional soft top. But the choice is yours! 

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