Wedding or Birthday Planned? Celebrate in style in 2018!

Logbook Loans offer online loans for every occasion!

2018 is starting to fly by, with January already behind us. At the end of this year, what will you look back on as the highlights of your year?

Some of us already know what special events lie ahead this year. You may be getting married or have a significant birthday to celebrate: congratulations if so! Some readers will find that this time next year you have a new child in your arms. Some will have moved home – perhaps to a totally new area. Others may have some other cause to celebrate this year that you cannot possibly anticipate at this point in time.

Life is full of surprises – some good, some bad. There are twists and turns at every stage. Even more reason to celebrate the good things in life while we can. So make 2018 the year you pull out all the stops and celebrate happy times with those that you love.

The only fly in the ointment here is money. Sometimes we are prevented from throwing that special party or taking the holiday of a lifetime because we do not have the funds to do so. This is where a logbook loan could help.

We all need to guard against debt, and as a responsible lender we will never encourage people to take on more debt than they can comfortably afford to repay. It’s just not worth it.

However, there are times when there is a golden opportunity to do something special in your life, for you and your family, and you just need a little bit of a financial boost to do so. A logbook loan could be the answer.

Perhaps you are expecting a bonus at work, or know that some money is coming your way from some other source, but the timing does not quite work for you to pay for the event you would love to hold. The temptation is to pay for everything on your credit card then hope to be able to pay it off when you have the money. But this can backfire. It’s easy to overspend on credit cards and run up a balance – at high rates of interest – that you are then unable to clear. Not only that but the fluctuating repayments can start to make a big dent in your monthly budget, leading to further financial difficulties.

A logbook loan is different in that you borrow a fixed sum of money and know the monthly repayments you will have to make. You can borrow between £400 and £100,000 (depending on the value of your vehicle) and there are flexible repayment terms and methods. You can pay the loan off early when you do have the money, and will not be charged extra for this.

Even if you have had credit problems you may still be able to get a logbook loan. The loan is secured on your vehicle (car, bike or van) for the duration of the loan. This means that you keep the vehicle for the duration of the loan – and use it as normal – but the lender keeps hold of the logbook (your V5 certificate) of the vehicle until the loan is repaid.  This gives the lender additional confidence in your ability to repay the loan so you may be able to get a logbook loan even if you have been refused for other types of loan or credit.

So if you are planning a special celebration or event in 2018 and need a bit of financial help then why not contact us at Logbook Loans? You can apply online or call us on 0330 400 4137. 

We hope that you have a wonderful year and enjoy every minute of it!