21st century takeaways – I’ll have that cash to go!

When you need cash to go look no further than Logbook Loans!

Have you noticed how these days everything is either “to go” or “go-to” – or both?! The phrase “To go” has been around for years now. During this time there has been an increasing variety of things that you can have ‘to go’.

Originating in the US the phrase first appeared in fast food chains and coffee bars. So ordering a pizza or cappuccino to go is now commonplace. But the increasing demand for everything to be instant in our society means that if any kind of food establishment does not do menu items to go then they are likely to be at a considerable commercial disadvantage.

Not only do customers expect to have items to go, but the speed of having that item to go is also crucial. This increased expectation has also extended to other products and services then food and drink. Once a customer has made up their mind to have something then they expect to be able to obtain it pretty much instantly: if the supplier cannot deliver then the customer will simply go elsewhere.

The phrase “Go-to” on the other hand seems to have entered everyday vocabulary relatively recently. Again originating from the US it is used before a noun – such as a person or place or product – to indicate that the person or thing always fulfils the need or achieves the desired outcome. Examples could be “she’s the office go-to expert on contracts”, “it’s my go-to coat during the winter”, “when I’m really hungry pasta is my go-to meal”.

If you’re considering taking out a loan then both the phrases apply. You want to get your hands on some emergency cash quickly and you want a lender that is reliable and would be good enough to use again. You want cash to go from a go-to lender!

At Logbook Loans we specialise in cash to go! We offer same day cash loans at all 50 branches and if your loan application is successful you could borrow between £400 – £5,000. The amount you are eligible to borrow will be calculated based on how much you can afford to pay back on a weekly or monthly basis. We usually give you the money the same day that you apply for the loan: cash to go indeed!

If you need cash to go and are looking for a go-to lender that you can trust then look no further than Logbook Loans! Contact us today to see how we can help you.