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Is your car ready for Back to School?

Get ready for back to school with bad credit logbook loans.

Can you believe it’s nearly that time already?! The kids will soon be going back to school, and families all across the country are beginning to panic about all that needs to be done before then.

But amidst the chaos of sorting out uniform, school bags, stationery – not to mention that summer project they’ve forgotten about until now – we often forget to check that our cars are ready for Back to School.

Chances are that you’ve used your car a lot over summer for trips here there and everywhere. Perhaps you’ve also taken it away on a long holiday. Whatever you have been doing, it’s likely that your car needs a bit of tlc in order to be at its best for the start of term.

So what kind of things do you need to do to ensure that your car is in top condition? The following five tips will help:


  1. Check whether you need a service or MOTIn our recent article Does Your Car Really Need a Service we explained that official guidance is that cars should really be serviced every 12 months or 12000 miles – whichever is the sooner. Even though this is a commitment in terms of time and money, it is worth it to ensure that your car is safe and completely roadworthy. It can also help to maintain the value of your car. So, even though summer is an expensive time, do get your car serviced if it falls into the above categories. Regular servicing will also ensure that your car passes its MOT. Remember to check when your MOT is due – you can find this on your current MOT certificate. Without a current MOT you will not be able to tax your car, and if your car is not taxed you will not be able to drive it legally.You can well do without any of these complications at the beginning of a new school term so take the opportunity to check whether you need a service or MOT and get it organised.
  2. Get into a regular maintenance routine
    Having your car serviced is only half the story. It’s really important to keep your car in good condition by doing some basic maintenance on a regular basis. Make sure you regularly check all of the following to see if anything needs attention:

    • Tyres
    • Engine oil
    • Coolant and antifreeze
    • Screenwash
    • Windscreen and wipers
    • Lights
    • Hydraulic fluid for power steering
    • Bodywork

    For more help read our article Car Maintenance: All you need to know.

  3. Give it a complete cleanMost cars do not look their best after heavy use over summer. Treat your car to a really good clean, both inside and out. Perhaps this is something that the kids can help with? Other options are to either take it to a garage car wash – which can also be fun for the kids – or pay to get it valeted. But it is cheaper to clean it yourself, and Logbook Loans have produced some helpful advice on the best ways of cleaning your car inside and out.
  4. Storage  and litter bins inside the carThere is nothing more frustrating than getting your car looking great, and within a few days back at school it’s full of rubbish. A typical list could include sweet wrappers (and maybe sticky sweets!), bottles, cans, cartons, crumbs, pencils, socks, homework, electrical gadgets, school letters, dinner money and even leaves and twigs! So you need to make sure that there is somewhere for them to put rubbish, and also a box or bag where everything else goes. Then it can easily be removed every couple of days to be sorted out properly.
  5. Get prepared for winterSorry! But it will soon be here. It’s always good to have an emergency kit in your car at any time of year. And now is as good a time as any to get prepared. So make sure that you have a collection of basic safety equipment such as a first aid kit, blankets, bottled water, snack bars, torch, jump leads, a tow rope, reflective safety triangle, snow shovel and ice scraper. Hopefully you won’t need any of those things but better to be safe than sorry.


Good luck with the big Back to School! As we said above, summer can be an expensive time. So if you need some extra money to get your car ready for Back to School then bear in mind that Logbook Loans offers a range of short term loans, including bad credit logbook loans. A loan would enable you to get your car sorted out now when you need it, then you can repay the money back at  timescale to suit you. Click here for more information or to apply online.