Life Hacks: Get the most out of your car!

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There used to be an old saying “An Englishman’s home is his castle”. But for many people today that applies equally much to cars! There’s a sense that once we’re in our car we’re in our own little world and protected from everything around us.

Perhaps because of that many people like to personalise their cars in some way, as if to mark them out as their territory. Also no matter how much you love your car there are bound to be one or two things that you wish it had or did that are currently lacking? If so, welcome to the wonderful world of car hacking! Car hacking is the art of adapting your car to meet your specific needs – without spending a fortune.

In this article we explore ten tried and tested car hacking tips from around the globe, which will enable you to get more out of your car and reduce some of the daily frustrations that car owners face.

Ten ways to make the car you have the car you love!

1) If your car is an automatic but you would prefer people to think it’s a manual why not disguise it by fitting a manual gear trim over the automatic gear stick? This also has the additional benefit that it could thwart an unsuspecting car thief should they try to make off with your car!

2) So your car came without a drinks holder? No worries: just use a roll of duct tape on the seat next to you to put your drink inside (you can also use the tape to attach the holder firmly to the seat. Some people have also been known to use an old shoe as a drinks container – which could enable you to stylise your car in a number of different themes!

3) If you have no phone holder in your car then why not attach it to one of the heaters using a binder clip and elastic band? This would enable you to see it as you are driving (eg for directions) without you having to fumble around or take your eyes off the road.

4) Alternatively if you have lots of small items rattling around your car then get a dashboard pad. This would stick to your dashboard easily and could hold all your bits and pieces such as phone, loose change, keys etc – ideal for when you need to grab something such as quick cash for a car park.

5) If your car is always full of rubbish then how about using a cereal container as a bin? Large plastic cereal containers can hold a lot and can be sealed shut to keep things hygienic and fragrance free. They also come in a variety of colours so can be a style statement!

6) We’ve all heard of roof racks on the outside of a car but how about creating one on the interior? You can attach a cargo net to the top of the inside of your roof to carry extra items. As long as they are not too heavy or bulky this can work well as additional storage space.

7) Now how about keeping your car clean? Try these top five tips:
Clean dirty headlights with toothpaste – it takes a bit of scrubbing but works really well!
Use a razor blade to carefully scrape stubborn dirt off your windscreen that a normal wash might not be able to remove.

Newspaper and warm water is excellent for removing stubborn stickers off your car! Just dampen a piece of newspaper with warm water, place over the sticker then leave for at least 15 minutes. This should loosen the sticker and make it easier to peel off.

For sparkling windows clean with a mixture of warm water, vinegar and washing up liquid.
To clean thoroughly inside your car wrap tape around your hand with the sticky side facing out, and this will enable you to collect dust on the tape. Brilliant for areas that you can’t reach with cloths or dusters!

8) To get rid of small dents on the bodywork of your car you can either use a plunger or hairdryer! If you have very small dents, try using the power of a plunger to even them out. This can work well. Alternatively try placing aluminium foil on the dent and using a hairdryer to heat the area for around 2 minutes – being careful not to hold the hair dryer too close and don’t have it at a high heat setting.

9) Then take dry ice and place it on top of the foil. Because the dent has been heated up and then cooled down by the ice, it should then come out!

10) Make cat litter your best friend: take it everywhere in your car! This may seem a bit strange but it could save you if you’re ever stuck on an icy road and you need to create a surface for your tyres to grip on to. Also if you fill a sock with cat litter and leave it in your car overnight it can help prevent your windows from steaming up.

For more tips on helping your car cope with winter weather see our recent article Take Care of your car this winter.

One additional tip by the way. If after all this you should misplace your beloved car in a car park here’s how to find it. Hold your car’s key fob up to your head, for example against the side of your cheek or under your chin. Believe it or not this will increase the range the fob is able to scan because the fluid inside your skull will help to amplify the radio waves.

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