Asked your boss for a raise? How job titles impact car insurance

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A lot of people assume that the biggest contributing factors in high car insurance premiums are age and home address. While these do affect your premium, did you also know that your job plays a significant role?

Is your driving job driving up your premium?
Jobs which require high mileage hugely affect premiums. Even if you are a responsible driver but drive high miles on a consistent basis for work, you will be asked to fork out for this by your insurance company.

A travelling salesman, for instance, is on the road constantly and possibly for long distances, whereas a teacher’s car is usually parked at school for the day. Therefore insurance companies will ask for a larger premium from the travelling salesman because on the law of averages s/he is more likely to be in an accident.

Picture perfect…or maybe not
There are other more surprising and strange variables in play. Fashion photographers, for example, pay more for their premium than regular photographers, because they are more likely to be in contact and to share a car journey with a top model. So if you work with Kate Moss on a regular basis, consider yourself lucky in one way but unlucky in another.

How Logbook Loans can help
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So, did your job make the list? Here are the top 4 most expensive occupations, according to JobSite:

  1. Car Salesman – Spend all your time around cars? Expect to pay more for your car insurance. That is certainly the case for the top two most expensive jobs. Car salesmen pay huge premiums compared to other jobs. They can be expected to pay almost £10.000 more than a secretary to insure their car.
  2. Car Valeter – Like car salesmen, the people who valet cars have to pay for the pleasure of dealing with cars on a daily basis. It seems like a minimal sum when one considers the price of premiums for car salesmen, but car valeters can still be expected to pay up to £5,000 to insure their car.
  3. Window Cleaner -You’d think that insurance companies would take into account that a window cleaner’s view would surely never be obstructed because of a filthy windscreen? Alas, this is not the case. If you make glass sparkle like diamonds, expect to pay a price similar to an expensive diamond to insure your car or van.
  4. Professional Football Apprentice In the eyes of insurance companies, young footballers seek thrills not just by scoring goals, but by driving powerful cars.