Are you driving legally? Post Lockdown Changes…

Logbook Loans help with driving after lockdown…

As lockdown restrictions are gradually beginning to ease, many of us are back on the road again after perhaps not using our cars for a while.

This can all feel a bit strange at first. And one question many people are asking is whether any of the rules have changed since lockdown began.

So in this article we look at what has changed; and also some of the more obscure driving rules that you may not have been aware of.

Are you allowed to drive anywhere now?

Yes and no. In England there are now no restrictions on how far you can drive, whether this is for work purposes, errands, exercise, dog walking or to meet outdoors in groups of up to six people. But at the moment you would not be allowed to cross from England into either Wales or Scotland.

You are also advised not to head for popular tourist areas. There are two main reasons for this. Firstly, if everyone else has the same idea it makes it difficult to maintain social distancing. Just think of the recent pictures we have all seen on the news of horribly crowded beaches. Secondly, many normal visitor facilities (shops, pubs, cafes, toilets etc) are still not open, so holiday destinations are not equipped to cope with a large influx of visitors.

Also be aware that – wherever you do drive to – you need to return home the same day. You are not currently allowed to stay away overnight.

Who can be in your car?

You can have anyone in your car who is from the same household as you, as long as they are well and showing no symptoms of Covid-19. 

Ideally you should not share your car with anyone from another household. If you really need to do this for work purposes then the advice is to face away from each other and keep the windows open.

Are there any differences to roads?

In some towns and cities you may find modifications to road layout beginning to happen. For example one way systems, cycle lanes, or restricted lanes to allow wider pavements for social distancing.

Also be aware that whilst there may be less cars on the road in some areas, there may well be more people walking, running or cycling due to different daily routines during lockdown. 

What if your car needs an MOT?

If your car, van or motorcycle had an MOT due any time on or after 30 March 2020, this will be extended by 6 months. So you don’t need to panic if your MOT is overdue, but you must still ensure that your vehicle is safe to drive. See our recent article Look after you and your car during Covid-19 for Logbook Loans’ tips on how to do this.

Also make sure that you have some kind of breakdown cover, so that if you do have any problems whilst out on a journey they can be resolved as quickly as possible.

Are there any other rules I need to be aware of?

Interestingly, there are many other rules of the road that you may or may not be aware of. The list below shows the top ten lesser known driving rules that regularly get broken in the UK. 

  • Using your phone to pay at a drive-through
  • Swearing or aggressive behaviour
  • Beeping your horn whilst stationary
  • Driving over 30mph on a street-lit road
  • Fitting your sat nav to the wrong part of the windscreen
  • Playing unnecessarily loud music
  • Leave a car idling
  • Driving with unrestrained pets in the car
  • Cradling a baby whilst the car is moving
  • Doing non-essential activity at the wheel e.g. eating, drinking or applying makeup.

However many of the above rules you didn’t know before today, at least you are now aware and can make sure that you follow them all in future!

We hope that you can begin to enjoy driving again, and that the above information helps you to keep yourself and others safe.

Check back here soon for more financial and motoring tips from Logbook Loans.