Fun April fool pranks for car addicts this Spring!

Why not have a bit of fun this April 1st with Logbook Loans!

It will soon be April Fool’s Day so how about planning some fun? If you have a family member or friend that you always prank then there are a few things you could do with their car that might fit the bill. Some depend on you having keys to the car – though after April 1st you may find that this privilege is removed!

We have come up with 10 car pranks that you could end up remembering for years to come!

1. Fill it up

No we don’t mean with fuel. But fill either the car or the boot with something annoying, such as balloons, plastic balls or shredded paper. Nothing that will do any harm but just a little surprise!


2. Wrap it up

There are lots of variations of this one. You could use glittery paper and ribbons to make it look like a big birthday gift. Or how about cling film or toilet paper? Have fun! But on an environmental note: whatever you do use, try to reuse it afterwards so that it is not completely wasted.


3. Sticky notes

Why not brighten up the car with sticky notes? An extreme version of this is to cover the whole car with bright coloured sticky notes, but you could also create a fun and dramatic effect with a smaller quantity. For example by creating an image on the windscreen or dashboard. Sticky notes don’t have to be unused – in fact it could be even more intriguing to have letters or symbols written on them.


4. Apology notes

On the subject of writing, an apology note can be a quick and easy prank to do. One version is to leave a note on their windscreen apologising for the damage to their car and explaining that you don’t have insurance. Another is to leave a note saying that you have just hit their car so are pretending to leave your details because someone is watching. Either way, they will spend time frantically searching for the damage until they realise it’s all a prank.


5. Bumper stickers

We all know how annoying those chirpy bumper stickers can be! So why not add a few to your friend’s car? Especially something that they will find irritating: perhaps either a sticker for a rival football team or something along the lines of “hoot if I’m a terrible driver”. By the way you can get magnetic bumper stickers so they can easily be removed once your friend works out that they are there!


6. Broken window

It is devastating when you get to your car and the window is broken. But don’t worry – on this occasion it’s all fake. Simply open the window and put broken glass on the ground next to the car. Even better – and safer – you can make sugar glass to use instead. This can be made from a combination of water, sugar and golden syrup. If you do this, you could also artistically arrange some shards of sugar class around the frame of the open window to make it look even more realistic.


7. Rainbow windscreen

Give the car a touch of colour by placing small quantities of washable paint in the colours of the rainbow on the windscreen wiper. Once the wipers are turned on, there will be a beautiful rainbow across the windscreen. They will love you!! But be careful to use washable paint (eg childrens’ paint) and in very small quantities so that there’s a bit of fun but no lasting impact or safety issue.


8. Mobile coffee cup

This one might be difficult to get away with without them noticing but worth a try. Secure an empty cardboard coffee cup to the top of their car and watch them wonder why everyone keeps pointing at the car during the journey – particularly if there are some nifty driving manoeuvres along the way!


9. Hide it

This can work well either first thing in the morning when they leave the house, or when they return to where they have parked their car during the day. All you need to do is move it. Simple! The car will not then be where they are expecting it to be and will cause a bit of a panic. Do make sure you are around for this one though: you don’t want them to go and call the police or anything!


10. Valet it

Last but not least – a nice prank. This works particularly well for those who do not really look after their car as well as they might, and it’s really filthy. So you need to find a time when they are away from the car for a couple of hours and have it thoroughly valeted. Then put it back exactly where they left it. They will return and not believe it’s the same car. A bit of a prank, but one that will be much appreciated.


But just remember …..

So far so good. But just two notes of caution.

Firstly, it goes without saying that the above pranks will only be fun if you know that the other person will see the funny side of it too. So make sure that they will appreciate the joke before you do it: and be prepared to be equally pranked too and accept it with good grace.

The other key thing is that make sure there is no risk of damage to the car involved. For safety reasons it’s really important to maintain your car in tip top condition – and our article Car Maintenance: All You Need to Know can help you get on track if you need to.

But as well as safety you also need to consider the importance of maintaining the value of your car. With the current uncertainties about the economy we all need to take care of the assets that we have so that they don’t lose value. Especially if you think you may possibly need to use your car for a logbook loan at some stage, then you would be wise to keep it in the best possible condition.

So do bear those thoughts in mind – but then go and have fun and enjoy your best April Fool’s Day yet!  Check back here soon for more lifestyle tips from Logbook Loans.