Six Of The Best Reversing Cameras On The Market

Have you used a reversing camera? For many of us it feels rather strange the first few times: a bit disorientating and perhaps even distracting. But once you get used to having one it then feels very odd the next time you try to park without one!

In this article we look at:

  • What is a reversing camera
  • How to choose the best one for you
  • Examples of good reversing cameras


What is a reversing camera?

A reversing camera is a set of sensors and camera attached to the rear of your car. Its aim is to provide you with feedback when parking. The main safety benefit is that it can remove that awkward blind spot immediately behind your car so stop you bumping into something (or even someone) that you didn’t realise was there. But they can also help you to improve your parking, particularly when trying to line up in a parking space.

Reversing cameras fit to your car in a number of different ways. This may entail either cutting holes in the bodywork, fitting brackets or using adhesives. Most cameras also need a power cable that will run off a 12V socket in your car.


So how do you choose?

  • Features: One of the main things to base your choice on is the features that you most want. There are hundreds of reversing cameras out there and they are all slightly different. We have included some examples below to give you an idea of what is available.
  • Cost: Bearing this in mind you also need to make sure you get good value for money. Prices vary enormously so do hunt around for the best price on the camera you want.
  • Ease of installation and use: When buying a reversing camera you also need to check how easy it will be to install. Will this involve making changes to your car and will you need any additional items to be able to do this? Also check reviews about how easy the camera is to use.
  • Reviews: it is always a good idea to read lots of reviews on your product. Everyone has their own opinion, and some you won’t agree with, but it’s helpful to find a majority view on how good your product is.
  • After care: It hopefully won’t be needed but it’s a good idea to find out what would happen if you had a problem with the product. How long is it guaranteed for? Would you be able to get an exchange or a refund?


Six of the best

We have looked at comparison articles and reviews, and feature six reversing cameras below that are popular and consistently recommended. This is not a comprehensive guide – and you may find another camera that suits you better than those listed below. But we hope it will be a useful starting point in your camera purchasing decision.



  • J.Cotton LCD Camera


This has a 4.3 inch colour LCD rear view display monitor and night time vision. It has a wired camera and dual channel video input signal. It is easy to transport and economical on power. It also has extra features such as compact disc, battery charger, DVD player, and video recording input.



  • Rear View Safety Wireless


This camera is particularly good for larger vehicles such as SUVs. It can be hard wired into your car to make a permanent multi-camera setup. The digital wireless waterproof camera is able to send images from a distance of up to 70 feet and has a viewing angle of 130 degrees. The 4.3 inch colour monitor plugs easily into your cigarette lighter.



  • BW Clear 3.5 Inch LED Front Back Car DVR Recording


This is a dual camera system. One camera provides you with a forward look at what’s really going on, whilst the second is positioned on the rear view screen to document what’s occurring behind. Both views are displayed on a clear 3.5 inch LED display screen.



  • Auto-VOX 3.5 Inch 2.4G Wireless LCD Car Reversing View Camera


This is a Wi-Fi reversing camera with display monitor. It illuminates and display a picture whenever reverse gear is employed. It is suitable for cars with a maximum 12V electrical power resource.


  • Yada LCD Car Reversing Camera


This camera with dash monitor is known for its easy installation and quality performance. It links to and is operated by your own reverse lighting, and covers a 110 degrees wide area. The 4.3 inch LCD monitor connects to your vehicle’s 12V electrical power, and features a parking assistant to help you with what distance/length objects are from your car. The camera is completely waterproof and has night vision visibility.



  • Yuwei Pro Reversing Camera


This camera system is in two parts – the dashboard monitor and rear view camera – which connect to each other wirelessly. The LCD dashboard monitor is a slender 7 inch model with wide perspective view and high resolution display. The system also comes with extensive function remote control and numerous video platforms.


These are just a few of the reversing cameras currently on the market and we hope that you manage to find the one that is right for you.


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