Five Top Tips for cheaper car insurance for young drivers!

If you are a young driver congratulations! It’s a wonderful feeling to take another step towards complete independence and be able to drive yourself around. Even better when you get that all-important first car. The world is your oyster, as they say.

However, owning a car – particularly your first car – brings with it a load of expenses. One of these is car insurance. In fact, according to, the average cost of car insurance last year for 17-24 year olds is in the region of £1,354.27!

So what can you do to try and reduce the price of your insurance premium? Our five tips below should help:


  • Second Driver

One thing many young people don’t realise is that when they take out a car insurance policy in their name, this can often be significantly reduced by adding a second driver to the policy. Choose an experienced driver, such as a parent or family friend. The second driver does need to drive the car at least occasionally, so choose wisely. Also make sure that they have several years driving experience and a good driving record with no points or convictions.

It is worth getting different quotes featuring different second drivers: if they meet all the insurance company’s criteria  it could end up reducing the policy cost by several hundred pounds.


  • Black Box

A black box is a very common way to reduce your insurance premiums. We’ve all heard of it – but what actually is it? A black box (or Telematics) is a small black device that is fitted to your car. A common misconception is that a black box just monitors your speed, or – in some cases – restricts the times when you are allowed to drive. However, the black box also records other data about the way you drive, such as your acceleration and braking, and the way you manoeuvre and take corners.

The black box then feeds this information back to your insurance company. In some cases you can also get an app to get the feedback yourself. If you drive consistently well, this may lead to a reduction in your insurance premiums. Conversely, if you prove to be a careless or reckless driver your insurance premiums may increase, or your policy could even be cancelled altogether.


  • Dash Cam

Another alternative to a black box is a dash cam: ie a camera that is fitted to your dashboard to record through the windscreen. Whilst dash cams do not continuously monitor your driving, they are very useful in the event of you having to make a claim. They can provide evidence about who is at fault when you have an accident.

Some insurance companies will therefore offer dash cam policies, usually to drivers over 21 with at least one year’s driving experience. They can be a useful device to prevent your insurance premiums going up in the event of you having to make a claim.


  • Look after your car

It is important to keep your car in its best condition. Our recent article about car maintenance outline the things you should be doing regularly in order to do this. Keeping your car in good condition will make it safer and less prone to breakdowns and accidents, therefore you will be less likely to have to claim on your insurance.

It is also wise not to make too many modifications to your car, as every modification you do make will increase the price of your premiums. If you do make any changes, make sure you tell your insurer immediately so that their information is up to date. Otherwise there is a risk that if you do have to make a claim they could reject it on the basis of your car not being as described on the policy.


  • Shop around

Last but not least, do shop around for car insurance policies. There are new deals all the time and you may be able to get a much better deal. This is especially important as a young driver: every year of experience counts and is likely to enable you to get your insurance cheaper somewhere else.

It can take time and effort to research a better deal so can be tempting not to bother and just stay with your current insurer. But it is definitely worth a try. Insurers will usually remind you when your insurance is up for renewal, and give you your new price for the year. So this is an ideal time to look for a better deal. As well as car comparison websites do ask around to find what friends are paying: word of mouth can often be the best way of finding a real bargain.

Also make sure that you are getting the best type of insurance for your needs. As a minimum you need third-party insurance but often comprehensive insurance can be more cost effective. Also some companies do multi-car insurance policies for cars at the same location. So check all the options carefully to see what best suits your circumstances.


Good luck with finding the best car insurance for you! Most insurers will allow you to pay monthly by direct debit but you can often get a cheaper deal by paying it all up front. If this is the case and you are struggling to find the money then get in touch with us at Logbook Loans. We can provide small loans for all kinds of circumstances, including bad credit logbook loans. To find out more, do not hesitate to get in touch with us at Logbook Loans.