Money Transfers with MoneyGram

Transfer money in-store, in minutes!

If you need to send money to someone either within the UK or another country then a good way to do this is by transferring money with MoneyGram.  Logbook Loans offers this service, enabling you to transfer money quickly and easily.

All you need to do is find your nearest branch and we will sort everything out for you.  

Frequently Asked Questions:

MoneyGram can deliver to over 200 countries, including within the UK. The MoneyGram cost estimator shows you the list of countries that it can deliver to.

Charges depend on the amount of money you are sending. If you are sending money in a different currency, the charges will also vary according to the exchange rates when you send the money. To get a clearer idea of charges for your particular situation, check with the MoneyGram cost estimator.

Depending where you are sending the money, you will generally have a choice of paying it into the recipient’s bank account or the collecting it from a local financial institution. The transfer normally takes 10-15 minutes, but time differences and local regulations may affect when the recipient can actually collect their money. If collecting money in person they will need to bring their ID and also the transfer reference number (see below) if possible.

Simply come into your nearest branch of Logbook Loans with some valid photo ID and proof of address (dated within 3 months if sending £5000 and over). Give us the money that you want to send and details of how who/where the recipient is: make sure that the recipient’s name that matches their ID. You will then receive a reference number that you need to share with the recipient if possible as this will speed up the transaction at their end.